Dubstep FM UK

DubstepFMuk, the leading dubstep internet radio station. Top Dubstep DJs and producers aplenty. Streaming live and direct to your speakers with the heaviest dubstep sounds! Get locked to the madness.

Urban FM TV

Urban FM TV

Urban FM TV is the UK’s No.1 underground Internet radio station.. Giving you a wide range of music with London’s hottest DJ’s. Urban FM TV push UK music to a worldwide audience, so make sure you keep it URBAN.

Urban Unsigned UK

Urban Unsigned UK

UrbanUnsignedUK offers a range of promotion for unsigned artists. We provide Studio time, Logo’s & Mixtape/CD artwork.
We also provide Promo, Radio play, Freestyle vids, Mentoring, Logo’s & Mixtape designs for Unsigned UK artists! LIVE on HillzFM 98.6 every Fri 12 – 2pm
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Setting Pace

Setting Pace

Setting Pace are a collective originating in Nottingham, East Midlands, and specialising in Hip Hop, Grime and Bass. Artists include; ADeeks, BDizzle, Blatant (Producer), Creature, Dima (DJ), Docta, Driftz, Finchie, Gully Green, Highfonics (Producer), Lee Wrizzle (Producer), Lightz, Ludah, Luke Breeze (Singer), Max Don, Rame, Scheme, Sneekz & Tye (Visual Specialist). Having started out as Rhymes Galore, the crew have an extensive back catalogue of music both collectively and invidually, and have been known to compete in clash leagues such as Words Are Weapons, Clash Money, PassTheMicItzWar (SheffSidezMedia) to name a few. More recently, DJ Dima and Rame created a new radio station Who’s Setting Pace? Radio, a platform to showcase known and unknown talented artists throughout the UK to get exposure of their music. Their focus is on the evergrowing Urban scene in the UK, whether it’s Grime / Bass / House / UKG / Rap or Hip Hop, helping undiscovered artists to get the recognition they deserve. You can catch DJ Dima presenting the Who’s Setting Pace? Radio Show every 3rd Saturday of the month, from 20.00 – 23.00 GMT. With special guests on rotation, Dima plays up and coming talent from across the UK as well as the best in urban music.

Setting Pace:

Who’s Setting Pace? Radio:

XB Major



XB Major are a music promotion/management service catering 100% for the music artists.