We offer promotion to artists, dj’s, radio stations and event organisers. If you have videos, new releases, events, or have a radio show or dj you want promoted, we are able to promote you via two blog websites, Death Kiss Media Mag and UK Flowz Mag. We also promote through the Death Kiss Media and UK Flowz Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


Death Kiss Media offer a platform for you to feature your content on the website; from videos to releases. DJs get in touch with events that you are playing at and info about radio stations you play on. Or if you are an musician/vocalist and think that you should be featured as a “Bound To Blow” artist, send us a biography. We also review albums, and can send you a written interview, or maybe if you prefer, a filmed interview.


What We Require:

Videos/Releases: Link to the video/release, a description, high quality pictures (picture of the artist, picture of release) and social networking links

Events: Event flyer, Information (time and date, venue, dress code), DJ’s playing at the event, Links to tickets and prices

One To Watch: Full biography (including a condensed biography), high quality pictures, video links, social networking links

DJ’s/Radio Stations: DJ’s biographies, high quality pictures, radio show info (guests, time, date, link, what they play)

To get in touch about promotion and to receive more information email, reach us on twitter @DeathKissMedia and on our Facebook page Death Kiss Media