Akira The Don – GOLDTRON II

Akira The Don marks his return with the amazing new album GOLDTRON II, featuring eleven new tracks from the vocalist and producer, all created at Don Studios in Downtown Los Angeles. The versatile, eclectic, somewhat enigmatic musician that he is, Akira provides our listening ears with music ranging from Hip Hop/Rap and Trap, more specifically vaportrap, to future bass music and electronic pop.

Glory and Triumph marks the opening of the album, and containing trap-inspired rolling hi-hats, the beat unravels in to a thudding beat with an electro pop sound, laden with mysterious sci-fi laser-synths. The kind of beat that would leave a crowd in euphoria on the dance floor. Following that up is Infinity Island, once again incorporating a heavy bass and trap-inspired percussion, but the melodic instrumental could easily be described as cloudrap or even cloudtrap. There is an ambient tone to this beat. Edgelords of Groupthink introduces a darker mood with the trap production and West-Coast inspired synths.

Tracks like Millions Living May Never Die and L O O K A W A Y take you on a futurisitc voyage. From the calm, floaty undertones of the former to the rumbling sounds of the latter, each samples vocals that are soft in tone. Sirens of Lapetus returns to the sinister trap vibes, a rumbling beat with aesthetic sfx.

The Wavez fuses elements of Rock, Trap and Electronic music in the one beat. A guitar riff and rolling drums are layered up with a trapesque beat pattern. Black Mass, previously released on the GOTHWAVE EP is included on the album, and fits perfectly in the mix of tunes, with it’s ambient space vibe. Tronsmoke doesn’t let up with the deep 808 bass lines. This could well easily be mistaken for a piece of music from the Blade Runner soundtrack if stripped down to it’s bare melodic, futuristic synthesizers. It has that retro future feel to it, also fitting with the film-noir look of the film. Hercules Goes To Mars is perhaps a special song to Akira The Don, as he names it after his own son. Not only does it sound like a soundtrack for a fun, retro arcade game, but it sounds like the happy return from a space voyage.

Akira The Don is tremendous talent, an EDM producer and DJ that has fused so many different genres in to what is a unique and intriguing, hybrid sound. From the Don Studios comes futuristic, bass-thundering trap, and spaced electro pop. Cloudrap and Vaportrap are just some of the labels that Akira The Don gives his sounds, reinventing genres with his own ideas and input. And this album showcases much of that.


Produced, arranged, composed, and performed by Akira The Don at Don Studios in Downtown Los Angeles, Summer 2017

Art by Captain Jack

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