Akira The Don – GOLDTRON

Rapper, Producer and DJ Akira The Don released the GOLDTRON album back in August of this year, and somehow we missed it! A quick re-cap for you all, described as “future rap odyssey” by AKD, this is mostly made up of instrumentals, but it is a hybrid release from Akira, involving elements of Hip Hop/Rap, Trap, Electronic and Bass music.
BAMF is scattered with electronic dance style synths which are rather infectious to the ear, plus there gaming fx and low rumbling bass, which all make this one a fun listen. Some of Akira The Don’s trap production, like ‘Bourbonium’ for instance, are very ambient and the music speaks to you instead of the words, however there aren’t any anyhow. The melodies and ambience can be likened to that of The Internet and Odd Future. ‘Ham On Rye’ is somewhat of a dark, booming trap production from Akira, yet as you move on to ‘I Who Have Nothing’, the melody has that air of freedom and adventure. Akira also plays around with piano keys on this one, brilliantly arranged and trickling. ‘Rhos On Sea 2014′ will have you feeling like you are coasting over seas.


But then you arrive at ‘All The Ducks Are Swimming In The Water’. This one introduces vocals sampling Lemon Jelly’s Nice Weather For Ducks, and features electronic, bass-heavy trap production but with guitar strings and pond life fx. ‘Happy Birthtime’ and ‘Friends Of Mine’ are rather spaceyy instrumentals, with ‘Battlestar Galactica 2004′ been a more dark and sinister space-themed beat, heavily synthesized, and could well be the soundtrack to a film such as Blade Runner. ‘The First Song’ is a step away from the electronic/trap throughout most of the album, and is more of a pop-themed instrumental, featuring a mellow, somewhat melancholy melody which you could describe as like a discovery on a journey, you could imagine yourself walking across grassy plains as this as the soundtrack. The production relies on guitar strings and piano keys as part of the melody. Tranquil vibes on this one, just like the final outing, ‘Tropical Boat’ which will leave you imagining yourself on a boat streaming down the river of a rain forest or something.
From beginning to end, the GOLDTRON project takes you on a journey of the multiverse, Akira The Don’s universe, but also how you imagine and perceive the world as you listen. For me, each instrumental takes me from the space to the outer skirts of the universe here on earth. The beats don’t need vocals, they are descriptive enough without. Stream or purchase GOLDTRON below and leave us your feedback in the comments section.
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