Bamboss – Still Local (EP)

Bamboss hits us up with ‘Still Local’, his newest EP which follows on from his last release ‘Local’, that came 8 months ago. Arriving just after the summer, Bamboss sets the tone for what is a deeper dive into the world that he has been slowly and gradually building.

The intro song ‘About’ gives you a glimpse into what to expect from the project, as Bamboss takes to a self-produced gritty, bass-heavy trapesque beat, with attitude and fearlessness, touching upon the environment he grew up in, Hackney, East London to be exact, and also his upbringing. ‘I Got A Sad Story Too, Nobody Cares, Grind Harder!’ is a deep and candid account of Bamboss’s family life growing up, and the toll it took on his mental health. ’16-Nil’ is a concept based around a certain time period in Bamboss’s life, from the age of 16, and he displays terrific wordplay skills, weaving a story of a man growing up, carrying himself with a bold, strong and serious demeanor, yet at the time keeping his head low, and focused on the task at hand. Bamboss links up with fellow East London musician and melodic rapper House of Grae for ‘How It Goes’, and thunderous, energetic banger, a stark contrast from the smooth vocals from House of Grae. The song explores the road life and grinding constantly on your own, just excepting life for how it is, perhaps developing a thick skin and becoming more street-wise.

As stated before, the Local sequel ‘Still Local’ encapsulates what it is like to grow up locally in an environment and upbringing, exploring how it can taint you as well sharpen you, depending on how you choose to see it. You get to see from Bamboss’s perspective and experiences, that he keeps it moving, refusing to let his past define him. The production all from Bamboss himself is both moody, energetic and hard-hitting, and Bamboss’s is staunch and dauntless, as well as lyrically captivating, enthralling you with his undeniable presence. #VOLYUMEUP!

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  1. Yasssssss bamboss is dope AF!

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