Benjamin AD – Acknowledgements (The EP)

Benjamin AD - Acknowledgements (The EP)

UK Hip Hop artist Benjamin AD has released a brand new EP, “Acknowledgements” which includes 5 tracks, with production by C-Major, Ash and Alex.E. “No More Drama” produced by C-Major is a Trap track which Benjamin AD spits rough, rugged flows over, Ben not wanting no more drama in his life, eager to settle down, with a nice house, money, a wife etc. This one of my favs for the production, and also the lyricism and fabulous hook written by AD. “If I Ruled The World” is a hard-hitting production by Ash which Benjamin AD takes you on a trip, mentioning all the things that he would like to do, especially if he ruled the world, his world would be trouble free, full of happiness, just free to do as he pleases. “Not Famous” has Alex.E on production and reminding everyone that he isn’t famous, Ben has to keep fighting for family, to make a decent living in a society of fake gangtsas, but he has no care for other people’s opinions or people that will hold him back, and will strive to get to live his dreams and accomplish his goals. “Captain’s Log” featuring J Warner on the hook and “Life Of Luxury” are both produced by C-Major, and I particularly like the last track, the production is superb, Benjamin AD talks about having to leave a mark on this world, hustle hard to live a life of luxury. A two parter, the second part of the song is less lively in the production, more mellow and AD takes the time to once again reflect on himself, life and where he is heading in his mission.

Benjamin AD displays conscious lyricism, the lyrical content is impressive, and staying true and spitting about real life subjects that almost everyone can relate to, and with stories too, I can tell he was influenced by some of the great legends such as Biggie, and has taken it aboard to be his own artist, plus he has incredible flow too. Impressive EP by Benjamin AD, purchase the “Acknowledgements” EP now and leave your feedback below . . .

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