Big Zeus – Reborn

”Reborn” is the brand new album from Essex emcee and Row Productions artist Big Zeus. Formerly known as GK, Big Zeus revisits those times as he explores the transition he has made from a negative time in his life to making a change for a more positive one. This album is also a story of sorts, as it follows that journey.

The first track on the album is the title track ‘Reborn’. With a heavyweight grime beat, with an eerie undertone, behind him, Big Zeus delivers punishing flows and beastly lyrics that mark the return of Big Zeus, reiterating that he goes way back to times when Titch beefed Dizzee, and from when “Lord of the Mics started out in the basement”. Also, this is the first indication of a transition that Big Zeus has made, changing a life of rolling “6 man deep in a stolen 3 door, running from the nee nor”, being reborn. There’s a flashback of sorts with ‘Roadworks’, a gully trap-influenced track featuring Blacks. It is a story about a robbery, excellently written by both artists as to seem like it’s a conversation between the two, plotting a move, and the action unfolding. ‘Grime Gods’ is a homage to the pioneers of the grime scene. Over a heavyweight beat that samples Teddy Music, Zeus recreates some of their most defining bars/flows they’ve used through the years.

Big Zeus takes time to reflect on several tracks on the album. ‘It’s That Real’ is a brilliant example of the how eclectic and versatile Big Zeus can be as he teams up with Tom Harris on an acoustic production fused with influences of Hip Hop. Big Zeus’ lyrics detail some of the struggles that he goes through, the reality being that you do have your ups and downs, the sunny days and the rainy ones too. He reflects on the wrongs he has done, hinting at a positive change and regret. More mellow that most of the album, ‘No Way’ is a blend of Grime, Rap and UKG, featuring energetic flows from the Essex emcee, spitting about his hopes and ambitions for the future. One of the best written songs on the album is ‘Letter To GK’, a letter of sorts to Big Zeus’ former self, blaming him for certain situations but thankful and apologetic for being in a better place now, but having left him behind. A haunting grime-come-trap beat lurks under Big Zeus’ forceful vocals, haunting him and the listener.

‘Out Of The Shadows’ is that long awaited transition in to the light for Big Zeus. This track is a fusion of Trap/Rap and R&B, and Big Zeus’s hard-edged bars and delivery contrast the smooth, lighter-edged vocals of Absonetti. Big Zeus also brings Abra Cadabra to mind, with his hoarse, aggressive vocals. ‘We Made It’ featuring Singer Rumour and Tom Harris is another acoustic track, with yet more positive and uplifting vibes. Rumour’s singing voice on the chorus is so soulful and lifting in spirit that you can’t help but feel as though you have made it yourself. ‘Invincible’ is a Hip Hop remix of Borgeous’ track of the same name, and is show of strength from Big Zeus, who rhymes about standing up to everyone and anything. ‘Life Story’ is a poignant story of a life that some how manages to keep trying to pull Big Zeus back in to the dark, as he attempts to stay in the light. The slow mellowing beat and long, enduring drums give that feel of sinking too. A bonus track, ‘Life Story’ from GK, back in 2013, has that same poignancy, with deep lyricism depicting the harsh reality, struggle and pain, but from the other side, before the transition to Big Zeus.

The concept that Big Zeus brings to the album is brilliant. The album’s tracks together make up this story that is continuous, taking you through different phases of Big Zeus’ life, particularly the transition from negative to positive. The song writing from Zeus is remarkable, on songs like ‘Roadworks’ and ‘Letter To GK’, the latter of which Zeus ties in his music career with life in general. The production on the album is excellent too, from Elliot Rogers, Kontagious, Pez OTB and Big Zeus, ranges from Grime to Rap/ Trap, even soulful R&B. The change in mood from track to track can also be attributed to the production and arrangement of songs.

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