Big Zuu – Big Zuu EP

Big Zuu released his hotly anticipated self-titled Big Zuu EP just last week. The MC and Presenter of The Joints Show (Radar Radio) drops his new EP, featuring Capo Lee and fellow Ladbroke Grove MC and MTP crew member AJ Tracey, who makes his debut as a producer.

The EP gets under way with the Sir Spyro-produced lead single ‘Builders’, a monstrous grime track, a forceful, energetic beat for Big Zuu to shell aggressively delivered bars, bringing war to rival MC’s, leaving casualties with deadly bars heavy-hitting flow and delivery. The second single from the EP features Capo Lee and is produced by Splurt Diablo. Zuu and Capo act as the bosses as they refer to the streets and road life as a game, and that unlike them, have no restarts. Both share their experiences of the streets, from prison to death, these two have passed all levels to reach the top, unlike so many before and after them that have no restart, no more opportunities. Capo Lee’s delivery is sharp and bold, whilst Big Zuu delivers rapid flows, spitting a few good punchlines, one time referring to Sonic the Hedgehog’s Sonic Boom and Pokemon’s Onyx.

AJ Tracey’s debut as producer comes on ‘Tell Man Twice’ on which he appears as vocalist too. Featuring a melodic chorus from Big Zuu, AJT provides a bass-trembling, up-tempo, grimy instrumental on which both iterate the methods of vengeance they’d dish out to rivals, preferring to be heard just the once. Both deliver sharp bars with force, energy and hype.

‘Manual’ is like a banger for both those running errands in their cars, and those that feel they are in control. Listen to Big Zuu’s lyrics that emphasize his hunger and determination to get to the levels he is now and the perks of the graft. Then you know what being in control of a scene is.

‘Remember Remember’ is somewhat of a painful recollection of memories and thoughts, some reflection for Big Zuu as he rhymes about his upbringing in a council home, coming from the less-privileged parts of West London, witnessing crime and violence. The beat is melancholy and Zuu spits with fire in his heart and emotion.

Big Zuu locks off the EP with ‘F.F.T.R’ or Fight For The Right. Big Zuu goes in aggressively once again on an intense grime beat, a throwback to vintage grime beats, laden with claps and synths. Big Zuu spits bars that raise questions pertaining to oppression from the system, including those of us that are poor and controlled by the world and and media, more concerned about our creps as Zuu states. Big Zuu states his intentions to build his own legacy for when he’s gone. This should have many of us think about what and why we are really doing what we do.

As a debut EP from Big Zuu, this is an impressive release. If he isn’t terrorising MC’s and shelling on gritty tracks like ‘Builder’s’ or ‘F.F.T.R’, bringing the energy and hype with the gully bars, Zuu is either melodic with the vocals, displaying incredible song writing with slick hooks on ‘Tell Man Twice’ or ‘Remember Remember’, the latter of which is more introspective and reflective from Big Zuu.

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