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Klass MC has been around on the circuit now for just over the last 5 years, he first appeared on a few guest shows on internet radio station where he met and joined forces with DJ Mista Twist and started doing shows every Thursday. Mista Twist also had a Friday night show on London’s leading UK Garage pirate radio station ‘Subjam 104.7FM’ which he invited Klass to host for him.

The bookings and guest radio shows started pouring in allowing Klass to work with many big names, such as Dexplicit, Vapour, Kie, Creed & Maxwell D to name a few, slowly building up his reputation as one of the fastest growing garage MC’s on the pirate radio circuit.

Klasss Mc

After a 2yr double stint with DJ Mista Twist Klass moved to spread his sound to a different audience by joining one of Essex’s leading pirate stations ‘Obsession 89.6 & 94.3FM’ Hosting his own show with different guest DJ’s each week unless Klass was in the mood to DJ… Then he would mix beats and spit lyrics AT THE SAME TIME!

It was on this station Klass met DJ Boy-C and after serving his show for a year, left to reach yet another audience by joining London’s Number 1 D&B station ‘Origin 95.1FM’ with DJ Boy-C Bookings were flying in, allowing Klass to be seen on stage with the likes of Nicky Blackmarket, DJ Swan-E, Skibba, Shabba, Storming & Yardy to name but a few. After a year strong on Origin, Klass & Boy-C left to reach out to a different audience again by joining London’s leading Oldskool Hardcore station ‘Eruption 101.3FM’ where they served the needs of the Hardcore and Jungle massive! After yet a nine month stint, Klass & Boy-C left eruption to join ‘HightzLive 108.0FM’ where they reached out to the Breakbeat & Oldskool D&B massive. After doing a year on that station, Klass & Boy-C took a few months out due to commitments elsewhere but still managed to meet up regularly for guest shows on

Klass & Boy-C will be back on the airwaves very soon on Seduction 94.3FM ( Every Saturday 8-10pm. Klass takes pride in being a multi-genre lyricist and will spit to any beat as long as it’s got a tempo! He is currently working on releasing studio produced Dubstep and Hip-Hop Mix CD’s over the next few months and can still be found live in clubs all across the south of England.

Check Out Klass Spitting Fire On This Dubstep Banger:

Silhouette – Klass MC (Disappear – Truth)

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