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Mr Melta (Born Chris Jones- Barrie) grew up in a small village outside Cambridge, and first discovered Hip Hop in the late 90’s, while still quite young, after hearing artists like The Fugees, Busta Rhymes, Notorious B.I.G and Jay Z on the radio.

The first Hip Hop CD he bought was The Fugees- The Score, which he still owns to this day! Although in love with the music, it was hard for a boy from the sticks to relate to all the Bling Bling talk in US hip Hop, so when he was put on to Braintax, Jhest, Phi Life Cypher, to name just a few, in his late years at secondary school, he realized that Hip Hop didn’t have to mean American! This new found home grown hip hop, coupled with the UK Garage and Drum and Bass Mcing scenes inspired Chris to try his hand at being an MC. Although it was sometime later before these plans came to fruition, this was the time when the dream was born!

Mr Melta 2

Fast forward to 2009, after about 2 years MCing on the local Drum and Bass scene (Which Chris continues to do), Chris recorded his first collection of material in the bedroom of long time friend and producer Super Merrio! Meltdown Vol 1 was released as a free soundcloud download in 2010, and the follow up, the Light Em Up E.P was released in 2011, and featured production from High Focus Records own Dirty Dike. Always networking and promoting himself, Chris has managed to gain a small but loyal fan base with out much support locally! Chris then linked up with engineer, sound man, studio owner and friend Stirleng to record Meltdown Vol 2, which was released in July 2012 , in conjunction with long running mix tape series UK Runnings.

Things are just getting better for this humble and ego – free artist, who has supported heavyweights Fliptrix and Verb- T, as well as Skuff, Slang Immaculate and Genesis Elijah. With Meltdown Vol 2 received well by blogs and the online community, Mr Melta has recently released his ‘Anti- Swagger’ e.p with production and features from Cambridge stalwart and Delegates of Culture member Stakka Lyrics aka S-class, as well as guest appearances from some of Cambridges brightest lyricists. Next up comes another e.p, this time produced by Cambridge producer Remulak, and another couple projects in the works with various producer’s . Added to this list are various guest appearances and plans for a third Meltdown mixtape, so watch this space for a lot more from this rising talent.

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