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Born and raised in North West London, Kevin Muyulu aka Predz UK had his attention caught by music early on. At the age of 11, Kevin was welcomed into his local church band as a drummer. As he progressed, he also started receiving invitations to play at weddings and other private functions. Music was all around him. Most of Kevins relatives either played an instrument or sang, so it’s safe to say that he was naturally drawn to music.


In his adolescence a young Predz went through a frustrating period, like so many teens he seemed to find trouble wherever he went as he found it hard to express himself. Kevin made his way out of the mist at the age of 13 when he started writing his own lyrics. Kevin was influenced by some of the greatest American rappers like Mase, Nas and the late Tupac Shakur. Kevin was inspired by their lyrical content and the way they were able to share their experiences through their music. His UK influences came from the garage scene – artists such as So Solid Crew, More Fire Crew, Pay As You Go, Tubby T, and Craig David. “I used to look up to these guys a lot, they were just like me, young black boys coming from a tough neighbourhood. I used to see them winning awards and I told myself I can do the same.”


Predz UK took his music to the playground and entered different youth club competitions, which helped increase his popularity. It was around this time that the group Secret Service was formed. By the time Predz UK was 15, Secret Service was well known throughout North West London estates. In an effort to showcase their talent to their fans, they took their music to various radio stations and raves and as time went by their fan base grew with it.

Predz would write his lyrics about his life as a a young black man, growing up on a council estate and the groups music was mostly made for the underground grime scene. This was something Predz was looking to change in order to become a true artist in his field.


Secret Service gained popularity but also had their some internal problems. Although the collective had it’s success and light was visible at the end of the tunnel, they had trouble dealing with some issues. Unfortunately the collective drifted apart and everyone eventually went their own way. The groups disbanding dis not hold Predz back and opportunities to showcase his talent presented themselves.

I have always felt creative but being in a big group like Secret Service, it’s hard to stand out, so I hid my talent. Ever since the group separated, I saw everyday as a new start and I was no longer holding back.”

Predz UK 2


Predz realized he had to stay on his path as he knew he had the talent and determination to suceed and the power to make something out of nothing. It was important to Kevin to endeavour in encouraging young people living on council estates to make the most out of their lives by pursuing their dreams and staying on the right track no matter the difficulties faced.


At 17, Predz UK made his first official record, ‘Ave it’ it was released on vinyl and distributed to DJ’s. He took his masterpiece to a local music shop hoping they would play and sell his record in their store. The store agreed, but they did not keep to their end of the bargain. DJ’s were entering the store expecting to hear and buy Predz UK’s record but it never happened. Another setback involved getting the music video of ’Ave it played. Television stations thought the video was too violent and would draw negative attention. These roadblocks did not cause Predz to lose heart and he took the hits, learned the lessons, rolled with the punches and made strides to improving his chances. In consequence he began raising funds solely on his own so that he could keep on creating his own music.


This decision led to Muyulu releasing his first official mixtape, Big Boyz Ina Dis – Part One. This mixtape was made with the collaboration of a few artists within the collective of Limitlus Entertainment. This mixtape sold 10,000 units independently nationwide. BBID (Big Boyz Ina Dis) started in 2009, it’s purpose being to highlight the lives of its members through music. What they have gone through, the setbacks in their lives and of course to show that regardless, they are still standing and growing. With an abundance of rival groups out there by now, BBID had to start thinking outside the box and create opportunities for themselves. So building a studio was a nessesscity.


BBID started out with a Windows 95 computer, a £5 microphone and the recording booth was in a closet. Now the studio has been transformed into a fully equipped professional studio where Predz UK and the BBID artists all get their music recorded by Mennie, founder of Limitlus. Mennie played one of the biggest roles in Predz UK’s career, “without him none of this would have been what it is”. Menny was the brains behind the whole set up of the now infamous studio. Predz UK got his first solo mixtape, R U Krayzee recorded by Mennie as he would have it no other way; he has always been close to the people he grew up with. After R U Krayzee, came volume two of the mixtape with the whole Big Boyz Ina Dis movement featuring on it. This was followed by his 2nd solo mixtape, Versatile.

“I’ve always wanted to be available to the younger generation, I remember once coming off stage and youngsters would approach me, asking me how I got so far. I’d always try to give them some sort of advice. I would have loved for someone to take the time out for me when I was younger. When I see some of these same youths apply my advice it touches me. I feel proud of them and it motivates me a lot!”

Predz UK 3

Since 2010 Kevin has been a youth worker in a Harrow Council volunteer scheme. He put together his own course in which he teaches young teens how to write and produce their own music. He also helps them figure out what kind of career they would see themselves in, this keeps them occupied as they work towards a newly discovered goal. Predz works alongside another youth worker named Khalid, who has a similar background. They used each other’s strengths and weaknesses to put together a special event called Shooting Stars, which was aimed at projecting the talent of the up and coming generation. The pair thought there was a gap out there that needed to be filled. The event had spoken word artists, live music, dance and even stand up comedians. The event drew a crowd of approximately 400-500 people of all different walks of life, ages and cultures. It truly was an enjoyable family event. The Mayor of Harrow, the Chief executive of Harrow and The Head of Children Services were all there in support of the initiative. “Society is quick to blame young people, but only a few are willing to take action.”

April 2011 brought about an amazing opportunity for Predz UK to go abroad to Germany and whilst performing at a local university was further exposed to local residents via a German television channel. Predz UK’s reputation is still buoyant in Germany due to friend Johnny Mutante who helps build the fan base and is inundated with requests for Predz UK to grace Germany again.

BiggaFish later in August saw Predz UK interact with other large UK acts including Lethal B, Sneakbo, Ghetts, Lady Leshurr, Jazzie, Angel, DJ Cameo and many more. This was a great opportunity as Predz UK recalls: ‘I had a taste of the star life and I can’t wait one day to headline on tour!’. It was a great success with UK fans screaming out his slogan ‘R U KRAYZEE’ prompting the BiggaFish team to invite Predz UK for their latter tour in October. Since then Predz UK has received great feedback for his music and has sold over 3,000 copies of he’s mixtape ‘Versatile’.

Predz UK 4


 Predz has a lot of respect for his fan base, so after a ludicrous amount of twitter requests, the ‘R.U.KRAYZEE’ t-shirts were released in January 2012 and have been successful online and at shows. The focus of 2012 for Predz UK was to make #RUKrayzee?! a brand and he has been somewhat successful in this respect. The #RUKrayzee slogan has been played on various radio stations across the UK and on mixtapes worldwide.


Muyulu has recently been working on his new CD where he has collaborated with various producers such as, Tee (Twisted Productions), RD Millz, Chris P, Naughty Boy and Mojo. The newly anticipated mixtape entitled #RUKrayzee?! (The Versatile Edition) is set to cause a storm within the music world, with a link up with one of the hottest DJ’s out of France, DJ Weedim. DJ Weedim has played alongside artists such as, YMCMB, Rick Ross, Ja Rule, Gappy Ranks and many more.


Predz is planning to get more and more of his music out there to his fans as he indicates that he appreciates their support. He is also planning to create another event for the youths in his local area, hoping to expand further.” I’ve got my hands in so many pies. Once one door shuts another one opens.”


In 2013 we will be seeing a lot more of Predz UK, via music videos, blogs and live performances. Predz UK has been working hard, already making noise with his first track off his CD, “Bad Boy Style” featuring Tinez and the drum and bass legend, Shabba D. This track has been getting a lot of attention, namely from Choice FM’s DJ Quincy, Bang Radio’s DJ Policy, Rinse FM’s Bushkin and Fonti, alongside a host of radio stations.


2013 is looking very promising indeed! If you have’nt already checked out Predz Uk’s music, well, erm…. #R.U.KRAYZEE!!!


Predz UK “#R.U.KRAYZEE” mixtape out now on his site:




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  1. Ali General Aziz // August 6, 2013 at 10:12 pm // Reply

    Predz is one of the best inspiring youth workers and artist in the UK i am so glad to be working with him he’s helped me and alot of youths out here with many things keep up the good work bro! 1luv #Team343

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