Chel – Love.Obsession.Lust.

‘Love.Obsession.Lust’ is the latest offering from North London’s very own Chel. The four-track EP is slated to be the next culture shifting project from the songstress since her well-received ‘NOLAH’ EP.

Chel showcases her specialty for defying genres, and creating diverse, hybrid music, across four spectacular tracks, as she explores fresh, new innovative sounds, with production coming mainly from frequent collaborator Jae Eaux, with Sorensen providing the backdrop for the high-spirited, club-ready Amapiano-infused record ‘Meet Me’.

‘Love.Obsession.Lust’ is packed with feel-good, melodic production, and splendidly rousing vocals from Chel whom displays her immense vocal range and harmonies. Being of Angolan and Congolese descent, Chel dug deep into her cultural background to bring a refreshing yet familiar sound to her already established catalogue. The EP is an honest portrayal of emotions from Chel, with ‘Have It’ excellently conveying her burning desire obtain the love of her life. Chel sings in her native tongue for the chorus, delivering melodious vocals on the infectious, lively production. ‘Main Line’ meanwhile explores the flirtatious dynamic between Chel and her crush, almost certainly obsessing over the thought of what could be. Chel provides enchanting vocals along with an infectious chorus, both evoking the idea of Chel having merry-go-round obsessive thoughts, whilst the pair can also be playing flirtatiously. ‘Pesa (Give It All)’ further explores the feelings of lust that is covered through out the EP, and is another expressive yet explicit communication of Chel’s desire and lust, as she dreams and pines for her lover’s touch. ‘Meet Me’ is the culmination of Chel’s attempts to woo her crush, with all the emotions and sounds carried over from the previous songs, ramped up for the absolutely energetic club banger!

Chel honed her raw talent from an early age, developing her skills during her time at a performing arts school where she quickly became a well-rounded artist. She went from open-mic performance to releasing the 2018 EP ‘Reclaiming My Love’, her first official music entry.

Since then, Chel hasn’t looked back as she has gone on to collaborate with C Cane and Joey K for ‘I Got It’ and ‘Love Me’ respectively, earning the young songbird a tirade of features on RNBrit, GRM Daily, Link Up TV, Mixtape Madness, The Voice Newspaper, Raydar Magazine, Noctis Magazine, Into The Culture, SpotlightFirst and Industry Me to name a few.

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