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Dikulz of Brainsick Muzik returns with his brand new anticipated album Concrete Snow Angel’, with features from fellow Brainsick artisits Twisted Insane, Z, C. Ray, plus Kung Fu Vampire, C-Mob, Bleezo, On One and Lon Gotti. Productions credits include Kato On The Track, Johnny Slash, Jo Bizzy Boy, C. Ray, Kamikze, King Iso and Dr. G amongst others.

‘Bring It My Way’ is the opening track on the album and is produced by Kato On The Track. The eerily hypnotic thudding beat is the foundation for Dikulz to deliver fast-paced lyrics that stand as a reminder that he’s out here working and killing shit, in it to win it and only if it makes profit so he can support his family. Not only does Dikulz have the work rate and determination but he has the skills as proven on such tracks as another Kato-produced track ‘Leave ‘Em In Awe’, that will either leave you in wonder or fear of his formidable prowess. And there are no days off from his grind as he states on ‘Day Off’, questioning what a real day off is to someone who is constantly working round the clock. A brilliant yet simple concept for a song, yet the song writing, especially the hook, and the pounding production by C. Ray make it that much better.

‘Enunciate’ was one of the first songs that was released from CSA, and features distinguishable production from Johnny Slash, known for his cut-throat style. What better beat to get to work on lyrically slaughtering other emcee’s, as Dikulz serves up laughable and witty lyrics taking a clear aim to these dressing-wearing, dare I say it, mumble rappers of today. Another thing that has changed about the scene and society in general is the lack of those ready to take a fade, or an ass-whooping, too quick to pick a gun or a knife. Produced by Jo Bizzy Boy, who also produced Twisted Insane and C. Ray’s juiced-up ‘Busy Boi’, Dikulz and Sacramento rapper Bleezo spray rapid fire on the beat.

It is isn’t Halloween for us no-more unless we have a project for at least one member of Brainsick Muzik, and Dikulz doesn’t disappoint with the Horrorcore-inspired haunting music. ‘Crime Scene’, the hypnotic, West-Coast influenced track produced by and featuring C. Ray alongside Z and Twisted Insane, is as bloody as it gets with pull-ups, robberies and shoot outs with police. All four of them exercise double time flows on the beat. ‘Scream’ is yet another C. Ray produced song, featuring himself on the brilliantly-sung chorus, and featuring Kung Fu Vampire and C-Mob too. This one that much more terrifying due to the references to the paranormal and supernatural. ‘Haunted Pt. 2’ is a superbly written story by Dikulz and Twisted Insane who both creep on a trickling beat by UK-based producer Dr. G. Fast flows and talk of shadows, bloody hallucinations and doors slamming shut, and above all possession. This is Horrorcore at its finest.

Dikulz’ social commentary on ‘Schadenfreude’, again produced by Johnny Slash, details the wrongs with today’s society, broadcasting dramatic, violent events on social media for the world to see, feeding us with unnecessary images and videos. This is a very current matter in today’s world, and is almost a daily occurrence.

That particular track, which puts me in mind of ‘World Problems‘ from ‘I Used My Brain’, and to a certain extent, ‘Empathy For Evil’, is one of my personal favourites. Another is ‘Frequent Strangers’, produced by Kamikaze and featuring C. Ray, and is every bit intense from the beat to the lyrics. Dikulz and C. Ray both tell a story that intertwines and mirrors each other, dealing with the same situation, both feeling the same yet ultimately ending differently. This one definitely needs a a movie, much less a video. ‘Echos Of Foresight’ and ‘Trickling Down’ are just as sombre, with Dikulz rapping about all the unjust wrongs that occur and those that are sent to do us dirty on the road to success.

‘Die When I’m Done’ is the final track on this excellent project from Dikulz. The piano-led, trap-influenced, haunting production by Prodlem. Approached by “Death”, Dikulz delivers a soliloquy about all of his objectives and goals he hopes to reach before he clocks out. But before we shuffle off this mortal coil, we should just go hard at it, enjoy the luxuries that it brings, women, (‘Smash Or Pass’/ ‘Pipe Down’) money and success (‘Pull Of An Upset’), no matter what hate it brings your way (‘Troll Toll’). And if some days are just that extra bit hard to get through, do what I’m gonna do, roll up and toke one whilst I sit back and reply this whole album again. *cough* Smoke It Up!


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SUPER DUPER STAR – Dikulz is no novice when it comes to creating full projects. His career dates back to 2000 with Firing Squad, along with Redro Killson, Z, Mami OG and several others. Dikulz’ previous releases include ‘I Used My Brain’ (2015) and ‘Mayonnaise & Caviar’ (2016) with Redro Killson. ‘Concrete Snow Angel’ is not only an improvement on previous albums, but an evolution, and in my opinion, stands as Dikulz’ best work to date.

Production suits Dikulz’ style, and along with the Brainsick roster, Dikulz’ credentials have been proven before, lyrics and flow-wise. Certain songs, and many which are my favourite, showcase his polished song-writing skills,and his innovative song concepts. Artwork is all done by Dikulz himself, aka Redikuluz Concepts.

Frequent Stranger
Haunted Pt. 2

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