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With the world adjusting to life after the pandemic, we can all agree that music is one thing that has kept some if not all of us going, on various platforms of our own choosing, whether that is one of streaming sites, Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music to name a few, or video sharing site YouTube, there has been lots of digital and online content for us all to engage with consistently.

Music, however, is best experienced live when you are in the same venue as hundreds, or thousands of people perhaps, all of you sharing in the same euphoria, absorbing all sorts of feelings and emotions that the music evokes. Whilst the crowd is singing and dancing along to the music, but rest assured that the performers are soaking up the energy from the crowd, motivating them towards delivering a heightened, phenomenal experience and performance.

Grime is one genre in particular that has thrived on the live element heavily since it emerged, initially spreading via pirate radio and the underground scene, and that’s before the transition to the mainstream, bringing Grime to the forefront of stations like BBC Radio 1Xtra, Rinse FM, Kiss FM and Capital Xtra. Prominent radio stations such as Mode FM, NTS, Reprezent and Pyro Radio, have stuck by the raw, authentic, uncompromising radio format, giving both current artists and up and coming artists the platform to showcase new music, and to engage in practice sessions to polish up on their skills for live performance. With emcee’s being a vital part of pirate radio obviously, you could say that DJ’s are the unsung heroes, playing a major part in executing any live occasion.

There are a plethora of legendary Grime DJ’s (Spooky, Sir Spyro, Mak 10, DJ Slimzee, Logan Sama, Rude Kid, DJ Target and many more) and newer yet just as notable DJ’s such as Sian Anderson, DJ Oblig, DJ Argue, JBeatz, Grandmixxer, Faze Miyake, Kirby T, Big Beatz and General Courts making a name for themselves in the last decade or so, adding to the continuous history of Grime music, a genre that is here to stay for the long haul, just like it’s distant cousin Hip Hop.

One DJ that has been honing his craft, and proving a promising talent in Grime is DJ Jedah, originally from St Albans. Starting out in 2004 as a bedroom DJ, like many other pioneering DJ’s before him, Jedah has worked with many of Grime’s new gen emcee’s such as Simba Boy, Duppy, Logan, Tintz and many more. As well as being the current DJ for Hollowman Jendor (Essentials/OGz), DJ Jedah has also DJ’d for Grime Originals such as Riko Dan, Manga, Flirta D, Swarvo, Jamakabi, So Large, Roachee, Fudz and Bruza.

DJ Jedah is currently a resident DJ on Pyro Radio, Subtle Radio, and Balamii. He recently became the first DJ to host a show on Pyro Radio since the pandemic. Which better way to kick off than with a B2B set with Gesher, and East London Grime emcee Jammz and Loon, from North London, on the mic, going back and forth. Jammz comes with lyrical prowess and insane, tongue-twisting flows, Loon is nothing but hype and greeze, but both turn up with the intention to shell, and they show no remorse with plenty of head-toppng bars and fast-paced, breath-taking flows and aggressive delivery. Neither of them came to play around, the first of many wheel ups coming just after the 1 minute mark, setting a benchmark for the remainder of the set. Jedah and Gesher go all out, spinning gritty, energetic, bass-heavy Grime instrumentals.

Jedah also currently curates for Late Night Shopper and Next Door Records, bringing together some of the UK’s greatest DJ’s and MC’s from the UK Underground music scene. His first curation featured Jendor, Swarvo (SLK), and new gen artists Duppy, Logan and Doni Rampage. All five emcee’s along with Jedah’s mad beat selection combined for a lively half hour set of shellage.

DJ Slimzee and music producer and host USF (both of Rinse FM), linked up for a dutty set playing some dark, moody, aggy Grime and Dubstep. Trends and Boylan, most notable for one of the biggest Grime instrumentals of 2016, ‘Norman Bates’, teamed up for a Grime mix. ‘Norman Bates’ received huge radio support from BBC Radio 1Xtra, BBC Radio One and Rinse FM, and was a very sought after instrumental. Trends and Boylan are both fairly newcomers who have already established their names in the Grime scene, yet both came up through Drum ‘n’ Bass and Jungle. With Grime having its roots in UK Garage, Jungle and various Bass-heavy genres such as Drum ‘N’ Bass and Dubstep, you can expect some speaker-trembling basslines from the duos set here.

Sukh Knight was joined by pioneering Dubstep MC Crazy D for a Dubstep segment with Reggae and Dancehall influences. Sukh Knight has released music via New World Audio, True Tiger Recordings, Stripes Records, Nebula Music Group and Hench Recordings, whilst working with Ed Sheeran, Professor Green, D Double E, Big Narstie and many more. Knight’s signature darker sound is influenced by Grime and Dubstep, known for heavyweight basslines and tripped out percussion. He incorporates his Indian background and London culture in to his music, and has produced some of the most loved songs in Dubstep, including ‘Ganja Dub’, ‘Diesel Not Petrol’, P Money’s ‘Slang Like This’ and his massive collaboration with Squarewave and Mensah with ‘Quad Bikes’. He previously made Drum and Bass and Hip Hop alongside the rest of his deep electronica project Nasha Experience. His music has taken him around the globe, making him an international name in the underground. Meanwhile, Crazy D goes back to the UK Garage and Hip Hop scenes in which he dabbled, but his name is most synonymous with Dubstep. His partnership with DJ Hatcha, dating back to 1999, as an DJ/MC duo, saw them transition from Garage in 2000, around the time that Garage branched off into Grime, 4×4 Garage, 2 Step and Dark 2 Step, or more commonly known as Dubstep. The first ‘Dubstep Duo’ did the rounds regularly on many of London’s pirate radio stations, before ending up at Rinse FM. With their hugely popular sets, Crazy D caught the attention of John Peel of BBC Radio 1 and Jay Da Flex at BBC Radio 1Xtra, going on to perform on their shows. They then left Rinse FM in 2006 to start the first weekly Dubstep show on Kiss 100 FM. Crazy D has performed all over the globe too, at massive events and festivals in the UK, Europe and North America including Eastern Electrics, TomorrowLand, Outlook Festival, Sziget Festival, Boomtown Festival, Park Life Festival and Carslberg Festival. From 2019, Crazy D started performing his own DJ sets, and has sharpened his skills in studio over the past decade. His catalogue spans Jungle, Drum and Bass and Dubstep.

DJ Sizzla comes together with North West London Grime emcee’s Flirta D (SLK) and Shack IOC, and legendary UKG MC’s Hyperactive MC and MC Neat for a UKG/Grime crossover set. DJ Oblig provided some lively, energetic Grime and UKG, Neffa T delivered with some more outrageous, murky Dubstep instrumentals, whilst J Oh Zee, radio host on 1020 and Noods radio, CEO of Shellingz and Cool Calm Collective and 1/4 of Wine n Grime, joined by Tia Talks, bring you a mix of Dubstep, Grime and Bass. After all, J Oh Zee is a self-confessed lover 140 BPM, and her set did not disappoint. Other notable sets come from DJ Vectra along with Doni Rampage and Joe Fire, both relative newcomers to the Grime scene, and mixes from Charisma, Scarduggy, Martin 2 Smoove, DJ Cable, Shiverz and Sumgii.

DJ Jedah 1

DJ Jedah himself started DJ’ing from the age of 18, specializing in UK Garage and Grime. Jedah is a resident DJ on Pyro Radio, but also been affiliated, through guest mixes, with various radio stations such as BBC Radio 1Xtra, Choice FM, Kiss 100 and Rinse FM to Mode FM, Don City Radio, Subtle Radio and many more. Jedah has been heavily involved in the underground music scene, building his name to worldwide status, performing around the globe, supporting the likes of Tinie Tempah and Lethal Bizzle.

Jedah doesn’t restrict himself to one genre in particular, and along with UK Garage/Grime, he mixes other genres including R&B and Hip Hop especially. His eclectic style has taken him to London nightclubs such as Amika, Maya and No. 5, holding residencies at these venues. Jedah was headhunted whilst at Amika nightclub to DJ at Dubai’s most prestigious nightclub, People by Crystal, DJ’ing there for several years.

DJ Jedah’s music expertise and professionalism held him in good stead upon his return to the UK, receiving invites from various clubs and bars within Hertfordshire and London. Jedah’s vast knowledge of music and his capability has also got him bookings at Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bat Mizvah’s, Wedding Showers and much more. Jedah’s music styles and influences span many decades from the 60’s to the 90’s, and right up to contemporary music. Genres include Motown, Commercial, R&B, Hip-Hop, UK Garage, House and Grime.

Jedah’s enthusiasm and passion for playing music comes across in the most recent Pyro set, and some personal favourites include a massive Pyro Radio set from 2017 featuring an array of guest emcee’s, a set on Hoots TV at Hootananny Brixton, along with Jendor, Duppy, Doni Rampage and Simba Boy. Also check out his Subtle Radio set with Roachee, So Large and Fudz.

During lockdown, Jedah also started interviewing various MC’s and DJ’s/Producers, including Swifta Beater, Jammer, Plastician, Logan Sama, Wize, Roachee, Oblig and Duppy, as well as Singer, Songwriter, Model and Actress Eve-Yasmine, Actor, Radio DJ and Poet Mim Shaikh, and American DJ and Producer iMarkkeyz. Jedah hosted sit-down chats over video calls for Urban Download, catching up with and finding out more about said artists, putting the spotlight on them.

DJ Jedah has picked up where he left off before the pandemic, although he has stayed active throughout and by other means and ways. Jedah has to be one to watch for sure, and judging from his socials, he may have some big content coming up in the near future with Roll Deep/Ruff Sqwad OG Roachee, stemming from the various sets he’s linked up with him on, including the Subtle Radio set, a Late Night Shopper installment with Manga Saint Hilare and Roachee, and a Phase Transition set.

DJ Jedah is destined to be rubbing shoulders some of the elite musicians in Grime, a genre he fell in love with, and perhaps motivates him the most to do what he does. There is no limit to what Jedah can achieve going forward, as he continues to hone his craft, his passion, and Grime may just put him on the map both nationally and globally. Sometimes your craft means a lot more than fame and money, but about the love and passion.

The pandemic has put a halt to people’s businesses, especially the music industry which has been particularly hit hard, for independent artists in particular. But there has been a real impact on mental health, the pandemic really effecting us all, but music is the one thing we can all still turn to.

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