DKS Biography

Death Kiss Squadron – The musicians with a sick side to the creatively blissful content. Death Kiss are a collective of artists, MC’s, producers and video makers reppin the DKS (Death Kiss Squadron) movement. Death Kiss by name Death Kiss by nature. Killin it with the music and art form, with two sides to the sounds and visuals. Dark and light. Hot but cold. Yin and Yang. Best of both worlds. No particular style, versatile and simply all about the vibe whatever the genre of musick. Established in late 2008, evolving and crafting the product, Death Kiss are now at a stage where they know their flava, know what music best suits them and have found their voice lyrically. With the brand building every day, the future looks exciting for these dark horses. With their own stories to tell, an axe to grind, passion, pain, lucid tales of love & hate to unleash on the music world, watch this space as DKS, Critical, Deflo and visual artist Spexx23 prepare to take the industry by storm. Join the movement, invest in the talent and enjoy the ride! #TeamDeathKiss