DonDonTheGreat – 6Six6 EP

Minnesota Hip Hop artist DonDonTheGreat dropped his sixth release of the year last month, ‘6Six6’, literally a six-track EP. Featuring even more heat from the St. Paul, MN native, ‘6Six6’ features some gritty production influenced by the American wave of Trap music and some ever so slight UK Drill vibe on the track ‘Brag’.

The first track off of the EP is ‘Ain’t New To Me’, DonDonTheGreat’s reintroduction and come-up song, stressing that he has come from nothing to something like so many others, yet what seems to set him apart is his lack of hate for other people’s success, and his will to swerve the fakes and keep it real. ‘Brag’ represents almost the opposite of the hate that comes from being successful, and you can sense in DDTG’s braggadocious lyrics that he enjoys time when he can just enjoy the fruits of his labor.

‘MetaVerse’ features DonDonTheGreat alongside fellow rapper KQuo, both delivering some impeccable wordplay on a dark, trapesque beat. DonDonTheGreat delivers a catchy chorus on ‘Bother’, a hard hitting banger emphasizing DDTG’s lack of patience for any drama, only focused on his money and grind. A nice lil’ play on words in the hook, as DonDon likens a girl to a trophy, or an Oscar, the only kinda drama he’s down with no doubt. ‘Crazy Girl’ is an extension of the previous track, in that it further explores his love for women. More over, DDTG prefers a boss lady that is about business and money. Perhaps a like-minded person that can help and push him to further greatness and vice versa. ‘Forever’ closes out the EP, and seems like a celebration of the end of the beginning for DonDonTheGreat, starting a new chapter with more focus and drive than before. One thing is for sure, the grind continues, the grind is #FOREVER . . .

As far as independent artists go, DonDonTheGreat’s music portrays him as someone that has one foot in the streets, enabling him to connect with those from that lifestyle, while he carries himself with the aura of a artist with his foot already in the industry. That goes for his positive mindset and willingness to grind and work for his opportunity.

You can stream and/or purchase DonDonTheGreat’s latest project ‘6Six6’ now on all major streaming platforms, and leave your feedback in the comments section.

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