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Rising US Rapper DonDonTheGreat, hailing from Minnesota, brings you his latest release, “Still Not Crowned”, he gives you 17 tracks for this particular mixtape, and sees the Hip Hop artist fully on his Trill/Trap wave, and with a few collaborations and original, featured production, this is a great introduction of DonDonTheGreat to the UK Hip Hop Scene.

Most of the mixtape is filled with Southern-style Trap beats, and is rich with heavy bass. DonDon jumps on most of the banging production, and he spits hard lyrics most of the time. In his lyrical content, DonDon rhymes about money, women, chilling with the homies, and a few tracks for the ryders. “Chasing Me” is a track which DonDon spits about the money, the chorus states that metaphorically, DonDon has the money chasing him, suggesting that he gets the papes in, a smart line that I like in this is when he says “. . . I see dead people’s faces . . .”, obviously referring to dead presidents which features on the dollar bill. The chorus is one of many on the project which gives the track the extra punch and and that bit more fire.

Safe” is a collaboration between DonDonTheGreat, CallMeZone and $Bags with production by Dreas Beats. This is Ryder Musik in full effect, the concept of the song is all three artists coming for the safe, the money, and riding out, taking out anyone necessary. A bit of Hard-body Trap ish! One of my favorites, especially for the production by Rocky Bang who features predominantly, this track features heavy, hard-hitting bass. Entitled “Show Up”, DonDon spits about rolling up and toking, letting you know that he is a lime green smoker, repping for his team, drinking, chilling with girls, getting sexual and down dirty. The first verse, DonDon rhymes with a slow-moving flow, but the second sees DonDon add some great punchlines as he showcases in many other tracks, and also switches up the flow, spitting rapid, double-time. “Roses” is a track which DonDon expresses his lighter, more thoughtful, and maybe troubled side, in his dreams he is seeing visions of his dream girl, yet when he wakes in the morning, he is trapped in the same life, paranoia sets in from weed smoking, dreaming of going different places, and giving you his definition of this life, and shedding lights on things that don’t make sense.


“Still Not Crowned” features mostly original production from the likes of Rocky Bang, Gleeko, Ellloit Santana, DJJTBeats and many more. As highlighted before, the production is predominantly Southern-style Hip Hop instrumentals, or Trap. Rocky Bang produces a heap of tracks, including “Chasing Me”, “Can’t Turn Down”, “Show Up” and “Better Be Chill”, and some other producers such as Ellloit Santana on “Bout Me”, Gleeko who works with Rocky Bang on “Chasing Me” and Dreas Beats on “Safe”. Collaborations include “Safe” which sees DonDon link up with CallMeZone and $Bags, “Can’t Turn Down” featuring C.O.U.N.T, and “Hang Wit Me” with P. Rico, CallMeZone and MerkStarTheOG. CallMeZone seems to the collaborator of choice, linking up with DonDon on a few tracks.

DonDonTheGreat draws comparisons to the likes of Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Chief Keef, Meek Mill and many of those similar artists. DonDon seems to be influenced by theses sort of artists anyway, although I would go so far as to say he is better than Chief Keef for one, so if you like any of those rappers, or like your Trap musik and bass, then grab a free download of this mixtape and leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below . . .


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• SHOWING POTENTIAL – DonDonTheGreat is showing potential, his style isn’t completely original, and considering that there are many other rappers like him in the game, and the difficulty of making it anyway, if he keeps pushing his music and his brand he could make the step towards being the next big star in the Rap Scene. DonDon has the talent, his lyricism is strong, he has a strong flow and has producers round him. DonDonTheGreat is as good as any other mainstream Rap artist, and if not better than some, so watch out for the Don . . .



Chasing Me

Safe DonDonTheGreat x CallMeZone x $Bags

Show Up


P. Rico – Hang Wit Me – CallMeZone x DonDonTheGreat x MerkStarTheOG

Safe – DonDonTheGreat x CallMeZone x $Bags

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