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2022 has been a year of consistency for DonDonTheGreat, of St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. The Hip Hop artist has been releasing a tape a month since the start of the year, kicking off with January’s ‘OneTakeTimmie3 (Freestyle Series)’, followed up by ‘WHAT’, ‘No Excuses’, and 4/20 drop ‘FreestyleNoBars2’.

DonDon’s recent tape released in the month of May, ‘Unfair Love’, is an eight-track project with a R&B/Trap vibe, with the likes of Bryson Tiller and Tory Lanez coming to mind. Titular track ‘Unfair Love’, is an R&B-infused, synth-lead trap beat produced by Cequo, of Minneapolis, MN, and features melodic vocals from DDTG and a female vocalist, both singing in unison, introducing and conveying some of the emotions that will ensue.

‘Trippin’ is a sombre affair for DonDon, from the hard-edged yet solemn production by Fucksystm, to the situation depicted in the lyrics. DonDon rhymes about coming to the realisation that he has to let his current girlfriend go, citing that she isn’t the right fit for, and does not support, his goals and ambitions. Fucksystm returns with another production, the more uplifting ‘REVENGE’. A thunderous, melodic trap beat features DonDon alongside another Minnesota native, rapper & singer Krazy Redd, the latter providing catchy vocals on the hook. The pair rue how they held their respective partners down for better or worse, and not having that same energy reciprocated.

DonDon teams up with TrilTrel on a guitar-laden R&B-come-Trap beat on ‘You Say’, and features laid-back vocals further exploring unrequited love, with a feeling of having grown distant over time.

DonDonTheGreat 2

DonDonTheGreat opens up on ‘Remember Us’, perhaps the most heart-felt song on the track, in which he lays bare his soul, revealing feelings for a special woman, stating only good intentions for her, a stark contrast to her previous lovers. Singer Detrell Melodies features on the hook, delivering smooth vocals, in addition to the trap production by ALAY, containing a more subtle guitar coinciding with sauntering piano keys for a melody.

A personal favourite is DonDon’s cover of ‘Rehab’ by Brent Faiyaz. A Jazz-infused soulful R&B song that just smoulders, this cover features smooth, sultry vocals from singer/songwriter Audi, and laid back rhymes from DonDon. This one has a trippy vibe which carries over onto ‘HAD YOU’, a melodic track with catchy vocals and terrific wordplay from Krazy Redd, Kingston and DonDon. The song represents the unconditional love that one has for someone, no matter what they do, good or bad. The final track, ‘Money’, features Jg, ManMan and Pharaoh, and is a trap banger with Latin-inspired guitar strings through out, and is an ode to the grind, and the love of getting up to make money. This is like DonDon’s motivational track, after all of the distractions of chasing women, and the efforts put in to love, focusing on getting paid, working on himself, goals and ambitions, which will ultimately bring with it self-love, happiness and a sense of worth that will attract better relationships.

Stream DonDonTheGreat’s latest project, ‘Unfair Love’ right now. This particular body of work takes influence from Rap/Trap, R&B, Soul, with DonDon instilling his own Midwest style and sound on some original and some cover tracks. Look forward to hearing what DonDonTheGreat has lined up for this month.

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