Eklipse – Intimate Affairs 2: After Hours

East London’s Eklipse released the follow up to 2015’s Intimate Affairs earlier this month, the second instalment in the series. Combining the sounds of Hip Hop, R&B and Grime music, Intimate Affairs 2: After Hours features nine tracks with production from Kamara Bernard, Bizz TG, Wondz and Darkos Strife.
The mixtape explores various sensual encounters that Eklipse may have with a woman, whether it be the intimate loving on Valentines Day, as depicted on ‘Feb 14th’, a melodic, mellowing track produced by Kamara Bernard, or a passionate and steamy encounter on a “road tip” on ‘After Hours’. Eklipse or ‘Mr E’ plays host on a Wondz production,using his musical stylings and tapping in to the senses to make his woman weak from top to bottom. If it’s not Eklipse that needs some loving from his lady, then as ‘Phone Ringing’ explores, Eklipse is always on call if his girl needs him to get frisky, even changing his ringtone specially for her.
‘Barry’ is a short interlude produced by Wondz again, and features lyrics from Eklipse who embraces the bass in his voice and uses it as a turn on for his woman. Moving on to another relaxed, Jazz-inspired Hip Hop production from Earbuds, ‘Ebony’ features Eklipse lusting for brown skinned ebony babe. As with much of the mixtape so far, Eklipse has tapped in to all of the senses, touch, hearing, sight, and on this song, Eklipse rhymes about taste, referring to treacle, sugar and chocolate, sweet things that emphasize how strongly he feels about this woman.
‘All Those Feelings’ and ‘Applicable’ explore Eklipse’s more serious thoughts on a relationship with meaning, the former on which Eklipse urges his other half not to deny her feelings. Both tracks feature singers, Shemzy and Monty respectively, and both are smooth, R&B-infused Hip Hop productions by Darkos Strife and Kamara Bernard. ‘Explicit’ is the closing track and is what it says, a vivid depiction of an encounter on impulse, more like an affair, as both get steamy.
Stream or download these songs below, which can be listened to whether it’s Valentines Day or not, they are a perfect soundtrack to any affair or relationship. Check them out now and leave us your feedback in the comments section.

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