Georgie K – Interview

For those not familiar, tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a urban DJ based in Manchester UK. I have been DJing for around 2 years and I have never looked back.

Playing a diverse range of music from Grime and Hip Hop to R&B, what is your favourite genre?

I must say my favourite is HipHop, although Afrobeats are fast becoming one of the most popular genres for me.

What are your earliest memories of music growing up, and what were your influences in DJ’ing?

Growing up I loved music but I never thought I would have a career in the industry. I grew up listening primarily to rock music but since moving to Manchester RnB and HipHop began to take over.

My influences come from many places. Other djs, artists, culture!

How did you get in to DJ’ing in the first place, and what was one of your first breaks in your career?

I began to DJ at a local music college in Manchester. I had a few free nights and decided I wanted to become more involved with music and this was the perfect place to do that!

My first break was a gig in Blackpool. I DJ’d alongside Colin Francis, he began to follow my socials and gave me a lot of confidence to go on and do more.

You have fast become an influential and go-to DJ of choice in a short span of time, what is your secret key to success?

I think the key to my success so far is believing in myself. I knew that there was a gap in the market for a female DJ and I went out and did it (I’m still doing it). Marketing and PR has also been key in my growth.

As a DJ with overwhelming talent, how do you make your DJ sets/mixes stand out from other DJ’s out there?

I try to incorporate a mix of music throughout the night. The typical songs you hear, I.e. Drake, I will play a mash up of a drake track with an older Nelly track for example.

I love mixing things up and making things more exciting, rather than hearing the same set over and over again.


Having played out at numerous celebrity events, fashion nights and parties, what would you say has been the most eventful night out as DJ/attendee and why?

The Justin Bieber after party for sure! It was a surreal moment and the people I have met through doing it have changed my outlook on life and career.

When you aren’t out partying up, you are on Unity Radio, arguably Manchester’s biggest urban station. What have been the highlights of your residence on the station to date?

It has to be interviewing some of my favourite artists and being able to showcase local talent.

Meeting people who inspire me!

How do you prepare before your weekly show on Unity FM, collating new music and what not?

I usually look for new tracks being released each week and try to get the artists involved in the show. I.e. If I play a new KOJO Funds track I get him to tweet it’s being played etc.

Also I have live guest mixes from my favourite DJs which is a huge bonus! I love to hear new sets and pick up new skills.

You give a lot back by giving exposure to new, up and coming talent and pave the way for growth in the scene. If I were an artists coming to you with my music, what would be your advice?

My advice would be to never give up on your goal. It can take years and several attempts until you get the break you need. It’s a tough industry and you need to push through until you get YOUR time. Never give up on your final goal.

Unity Radio are celebrating their 6th Birthday this December, marking six years as a legal radio station. Have you got any special events lined up now or the year beyond for that matter?

I sure have!

I have 6 of my favourite DJs coming in to my show live! Doing a mix of their favourite 6 songs and a little interview featuring their best 6 songs of all time.

I can’t wait!

Randomly, name your top five tunes of the year that would make your playlist?

One dance – Drake

Fake love – Drake

Skin tight – Mr Eazi

Moolah – Young greatness

My N9ne – KOJO Funds

Do you prefer playing out to crowds or playing a set on radio, and for what reason?

Out to crowds. I love being able to see people’s reaction to the music I am playing and of course the atmosphere is crazy.

Lastly, what are your aims for the year ahead?

2017 – Well… I want to make 2017 my year. My goal is to DJ all over the world and become more involved in producing. World takeover haha!

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