@IAMDOPP3L – Gang3r’s Eulogy (Produced by @epil3psy)

Dopp3l Gang3r is back with a visualizer for a new track, produced by Epil3psy, called ‘Gang3r’s Eulogy’. The track is the perfect vibe for the Halloween season,as Gang3r takes to an eerily sauntering, trapesque Hip Hop beat, delivering rather heavy subject matter, taking into consideration the last 18 months or so, addiction and mental health, societal issues and much more. Dopp3l introspectively explores his own mental health through lock-down, whilst putting up a strong front, he opens up about his fragile mind state, his struggle to make ends meet, and pondering on crime as a means of income. The lyrics are relatable for anyone that may have picked up bad habits also through lock-down, and those that may be in a dark place, with Dopp3l being a reminder of no matter how bad things get, no matter how hard it may be, you’ve got to keep strong and keep going. Dopp3l also touches upon the government and the system, giving his own political views, opinions and feelings regarding their motives and failure of the working class. Dopp3l Gang3r is the voice of the people with this new release, whilst remaining faceless, representing a bigger picture, inviting any listener to enter deep thought, scratch beneath the surface and form their own views and opinions on much more than meets the eye.

Dopp3l Gang3r displays impeccable lyrical ability that is relatable but also lets his wordplay shine through, and his creeping delivery compliments the slow, hard-hitting beat and melancholy piano keys and violins. He seeps pain and agony in his voice, although he manages to maintain a certain amount of vigor and steel. Gang3r also ends the song with an introduction of his amazing singing ability, giving the song more depth and a diversified vibe.

Listen to ‘Gang3r’s Eulogy’ below now and tell us what you think in the comments section.

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Visualizer by Dopp3lgang3r
Produced by @epil3psy




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