IF-E Grizzly & Mister.Smith – Riddim Killah

There is no doubt that IF-E Grizzly and Mister.Smith, the MC and Producer team from South East of England, have been grafting more than most rising emcee’s, running around the UK and Europe, showcasing their new music. They have followed those performances up with the release of the 13-track album entitled ‘Riddim Killah’.

Featuring grime bangers such as the catchy ‘Make My Tea’ and ‘I’m About’ with 2Tone & Imran, and heavy-hitter ‘Exile Riddim’, IF-E Grizzly and Mister.Smith are both energetic, aggressive and heavy-hitting with their delivery, with a range of flows and lyrical prowess, song writing skills and an ear for hit chorus.

‘Exile Riddim’ features a bag of young, talented, future grime stars, including Chemz, Mayday, Miz, Billy Boi & Zohan alongside IF-E and Mister.Smith, on one of several shellers on the album, the ‘I’m About Remix’, featuring Strategy KI, Deedz, Jabz & K-Riz amongst others, ‘STTV Riddim’, packed with some superb flows from CY, Benny Budz, Skizzy & Munch, and ‘Buckshotz’ featuring Chemz & Zohan.

‘Make My Tea’ is one the more fun grime riddims on the album, featuring a brilliant hook, IF-E Grizzly and Mister.Smith deliver skippy-flowing bars on a bouncy grime production by Mister.Smith himself, both highlighting the contrast between themselves and other emcee’s, the pair always working and honing their craft on the stage across the globe. ‘I’m About’ follows in the same vein as that the four emcee’s all do the most compared to those that can be found just cothching at home. ‘EWOK Riddim’ is another fun buncy grime tune, on which Kayncee, Oscar Allagui, JOK3R and C-Driz join the duo to deliver some terrific fast-paced, skippy flows.

‘No Respect’ is a lethal tune from IF-E Grizzly and Mister.Smith, forceful and authorative from them as they declare they have no respect for certain man. Such a pacey production requires breath-taking flows that they both deliver. ‘No Respect’ has an old school grime sound, just like ‘Metro Song’, possibly slyly influenced by the production of Wiley, yet with trap influence in there too.

‘Riddim Killah’ overall seems organic in that the fun and vibes that you get from IF-E Grizzly and Mister.Smith seem natural. Each song has to be a reflection of the mood these two were in at the time of writing, letting their experiences of travelling and music journey unfold naturally, and influence their content. In that sense, IF-E and Mister.Smith are being real with us and have provided us a relatable collection of songs. And it shows that you can have fun with music whilst maintaining that artistic integrity and most importantly, lyrical prowess.

This project is certain to be on rotation, a few riddims more than once, but stream or purchase below and leave us your feedback in the comments section.

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