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Jay Productions on set for his single 'Angel Eyes' in London, Waterloo (burgundy jacket, Nike hat) *Courtesy of A.I.P Photography

Meet Jay Productions, an international music producer and songwriter from West London, who has already had success on the airwaves, and is heavily supported by DJ’s and radio stations such as DJ Limelight and Kan D Man on BBC Asian Network, BBC Radio 1, Westside Radio’s Bhavotelli and DJ Kizzi, and many more. He has produced successful singles for OFFCOURSE & Rish Rai (‘Mr.’), which has reached over 100k views on YouTube to date, and was aired on BBC Asian Network, BBC Radio 1 and many more radio stations. His most recent single ‘Don’t You Know’ with Ibbz Awan, which has over 150k views on Link Up TV, was aired on BBC Asian Network and Westside Radio. Perhaps Jay’s biggest single in terms of numbers is ‘We Ain’t The Same’, released on 64K Records, featuring Asian singer Sukhraj, alongside rappers Mars and Ello S. The track is a heavyweight trapesque rap banger produced by Jay Productions, and is an embodiment of the cultures that Jay Productions and co have grown up surrounded by, especially with Jay’s Indian heritage and the UK Rap culture and lifestyle that he has become accustomed to. The single has done exceptionally well, being aired on BBC Asian Network and Westside Radio, with the video currently on over 300k views via YouTube.

Earlier this year, Jay Productions teamed up with fellow UK artist, rapper Mars, for a collaborative track entitled ‘Made It’, a melodious UK Drill song with Mars delivering impactful, punchy verses over a gully yet bouncy production, the lyrical content reflecting the luxurious lifestyle that they are aspiring to achieve. Mars showcases superb wordplay as he exuberates self-confidence and conveys a positive mindset, believing in his own talent to be able to achieve his dream life. ‘Made It’ was chosen by USA Rapper The Game to be featured on his mixtape ‘End Games Vol. 3’. As well as The Game showing support for the track on Instagram, the track was included on the “Banger Of the Week” tracklist in March 2021, via Bhavotelli’s Bangers N Mash show on Westside Radio.


The last few years have been a breakthrough for Jay Productions in so many ways, but working under the guidance of British singer-songwriter and Reggae DJ Apache Indian, has opened many doors for Jay, taking him on a musical journey. The Apache Indian Music Academy, winner of the National Diversity award, opened up in Apache’s hometown of Handsworth at South and City College, around November 2013. Aiming to give back to the community, for people of all ages, races and backgrounds, the academy teaches life skills to people from all walks of life. Jay Productions got involved in the academy after paying a visit, and eventually joined the team, helping out with the talented youth, and spreading the positivity, thriving off of the energy and vibes.

Jay Productions (left in black Nike tracksuit with face mask) Apache Indian (right red bottoms) at Apache Indians studio (Karmasounds)

Jay Productions (left in black Nike tracksuit with face mask) Apache Indian (right red bottoms) at Apache Indians studio (Karmasounds)

Jay Productions (bottom right with hat) with Apache Indian (middle with drum sticks) at Apache Indian Music Academy in Handsworth, Birmingham

Jay Productions (bottom right with hat) with Apache Indian (middle with drum sticks) at Apache Indian Music Academy in Handsworth, Birmingham

Jay Productions has previously flew out to Philadelphia with Apache Indian, to vibe with Jim Beanz, co-writer of the winning entry of the Eurovision Song Contest 2008, ‘Believe’, featuring Dima Bilan. As a vocal producer, actor, singer/songwriter and record producer, he has worked with Timbaland, Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Destiny’s Child and many more. Jim Beanz wrote and produced songs for the first season of the mega hit FOX TV series EMPIRE, and portrayed rapper “Titan” on the show.

Jay Productions would go on to work in the studio with Apache Indian, joining him at various shows and concerts, hanging backstage and absorbing knowledge passed on to him about the music industry. The result was the chance for Jay to produce 3 songs on Apache Indian’s 2020 album ‘What’s Not To Love’, for ‘Stronger’, ‘Angelina’, and ‘Ay Papi’ featuring Nadia Isabel. The album from the Reggae icon, released via Sunset Entertainment Group, has been aired internationally.

Working with like-minded, positive, creatives in the music industry, Jay Productions has set himself on a trajectory to global status already, joining Apache Indian on the red carpet at the BritAsia Music Awards 2019, as well as rubbing shoulders with Fleur East of The X Factor fame on BBC’s The One Show for a feature on the AI Music Academy. As well as working with various talented artists across many genres across the globe, Jay Productions is a talented song writer himself, and aims to bring a fresh new sound of music to the forefront, that reflects his own culture and upbringing, staying true to himself and spreading nothing but positive vibes.

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