Irv Da PHENOM – Dream Big Hustle Hard Vol. 2

Kansas City native Irv Da PHENOM returns with his brand new album for 2016, the following up to 2011’s Dream Big Hustle Hard (DBHH), featuring lead singles, home city anthem ‘Killa City State Of Mind’, ‘Buzzin’, ‘Million’ and ’88 Great’ as well as another notable track, ‘Still’. The album features production from the likes of Downtown Music, Lexi Banks, Adot The God, JR Beats and more, plus features from Obvi and Gee Watts.
‘Still’ produced by Downtown Music opens the new album, and features humbling lyrics from Irv who counts his blessings for his success and where he is at in his career, letting us know he is still that same guy who brought you TOYOTAMODE. This is just a warm up for Irv as he displays alternating and rapid flows.
Through out the album, Irv injects some positivity in to the listeners with motivational and inspirational tracks like the soulful ‘Look, Mama We Made It’ featuring Gee Watts and produced by The Awesome Sound. Irv’s singing vocals on the chorus bring to mind the likes of John Legend. Both rappers drop rhymes on the boom bap production consisting of a piano-led melody, addressing their success which surely make their mothers proud. Irv Da PHENOM also takes time out to thank those who inspired him on ‘Inspired By You’ produced by Ade. On a mellow, whirring production with a slapping beat, Irv ironically thanks those that done him wrong, ex-girlfriend who left for another guy, and an old friend who talked behind his back, both helping him learn from the past.
’88 Great’ produced by Adot The God uses the sample as Drake’s 0 to 100, and features straight heat from Irv and Obvi, lyrically decimating inferior lyricists clever wordplay. Irv Da PHENOM’s confidence is in abundance from his lyrics and his delivery especially, which spurs on heavy hitting bangers such as ‘The Come Up’, , ‘Face De Blunt’, a smokers anthem, ‘Town Town’ which features a fired up Irv murdering a raw, bass-heavy trap instrumental by Runawaymuzic, on which he rhymes about repping his city to the fullest anywhere he goes. ‘Killa City State Of Mind’ is a Jazz-infused KC anthem where Irv lyrically paints a picture and takes you on a journey of Kansas City, from the 18th and Vine Jazz district to the ‘flaming’ Liberty Memorial, schooling you on the best BBQ joints and the notable musicians that the city has produced. He also pays homage to those he has lot to either death or jail from the Killa City. The city made him who he is as a person, and his passion for where he is from is worn on his sleeve.
If you know Irv Da PHENOM’s musical abilities, then you will appreciate songs such as ‘Million’ produced 1Bounce, which literally has a bounce with Irv dropping catchy flows on the beat, but also showcasing his brilliant singing ability. He talks about feeling like a million dollars, and at face value seems egotistical, but he emphasizes the importance of not wasting life away being unhappy.
Irv Da PHENOM represents those on the independent grind, especially from an unprivileged background. As an artist, Irv Da PHENOM keeps his originality, creative integrity, not to mention lyrical ability, whilst each project he pushes his music out to larger audiences. With the release of each new project, Irv Da PHENOM improves each time. Purchase and listen to “Dream Big Hustle Hard Vol. 2” now and find out for yourself.

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