J-Wing – Boss Mode EP

‘Boss Mode’ is the brand new project from Black Crown and West London Grime emcee J-Wing. The ‘Boss Mode’ EP features ten superb grime tracks, with J-Wing opting to keep artist features to a minimum, and strictly West LDN, including J’s brother 100k aka K-Wing, Tiny G and Hitman T. If you are wanting to hear war-ready, charged-up, heavyweight grime, then look no further than ‘Boss Mode’, with opening track ‘Big Money’, produced by Adam R, setting a standard, the hook making a statement, as J-Wing sprays energetic bars, representing for Black Crown, delivered in a refined patois.

Like ‘Big Money’ and most of the EP, J-Wing takes on this aura of a boss, handling his business, just as with ‘Dun The Road’, produced by Olja Beats, one of many Drill influenced tracks. This one is about J-Wing’s past trapping on road, with J-Wing dropping forceful lyrics alongside a catchy hook. ‘Drilling’ features fellow Black Crown artists Tiny G and 100k on a gully drill beat, produced by Uncle Dreama, having no remorse for competition on set or on sight, all three delivering bars aiming at their headtops. ‘Back My Tool’ continues that energy, once again, all three linking up for a uptempo grime tune, once again produced by Adam R. A triple threat indeed, the bars and flows are catchy.

‘Takeover’, with production by Kenny Davis, puts in to perspective the difference between J-Wing and some other guys in the scene, having honed his craft on sets and doing shows, taking over everything from a next man’s girl, to the spot of has beens. As with the project as a whole, many of the tracks have memorable choruses, and ‘Takeover’ doesn’t disappoint. Tiny G appears for a third and final time on ‘‘Burlington Diamond Socks’, produced by Abmanrah, reiterating that J-Wing is old school, however he is current and active, with plans to get rich. ‘From Yard’ is a straight shellers, J-Wing setting the heavyweight producky by Filthy Gears alight with lyrical artillery, before ‘Wanted’ changes up the vibes. ‘Wanted’ is a fun, bouncy grime riddim, produced by Hitpoint, on which J-Wing gets skippy with the flows, complimenting the instrumental, putting those in place that are moving sideways. ‘Darker’ samples Trigga MC, most notable for featuring on Skepta’s ‘Dark’ aand then JME’s ‘Darker’. This one lives up to the name, a murky grime track, on which J-Wing absolutely devours the disgusting prodcuky. Hitman T features on this track, as well as the final track, ‘Green Light‘, both of which are produced by John Brown the Rebel.

‘Boss Mode’ is a no-nonsense collection of tracks from J-Wing, staying true to his Grime roots, and putting his day ones on. J-Wing has a easily distinguishable style, but not exclusive to, similar to that of Riko Dan, Flowdan, So Large, Wiley, Killa P and many other emcee’s of that ilk. J-Wing has an old school vibe to his influences, yet has been able to remain current throughout the years, and along with talents like himself and Black Crown comrades 100k and Tiny G, both of Arsenist Army, the takeover is imminent.

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