Kid Bookie – Interview

Kid Bookie, for those sleeping under a rock, who are you and describe your sound?

A beautiful disaster of sonics clashing together.

Take us back to before you started rapping, what are your earliest memories of music?

Hearing 80’s Hip-Hop on Vinyl being pumped through my parents’ small flat in Plumstead, South London, to much LL Cool J & Beastie Boys, plus a shit load of Nirvana, the In Bloom Vinyl release.

Did you have any hobbies and pastimes you might have pursued if not for music?

Would’ve loved to of been a central midfielder (Preferably for Arsenal) but I smokeand drink to much to have that dream fulfilled presently, sad really.

So who and what influenced you growing up to pick up a mic?

My Dad used to be a rapper called ‘MC Radik’ like in the 80’s and he always used to tell me about his drive for this shit, plus my sister is quite a knownsinger so I wasexposed to a lot of early industry influences from myteenage years and younger.

Dot Rotten has had a big impact on your career, introducing you to a much wider audience. What is your relationship like music-wise with him?

It’s dope, we like the art of sonics, the art ofsyllables and just learning the science involved behind the method of this craft, basically nerds for this shit. Aconversation between us is like fucking gold, I swear.

You started out making Grime music but your sound has evolved and matured some what. How has the transition come about?

Just conscious growth man, you can’t keep a mind caged so with that being said, sometimes a human being has to flourish and blossom, take that intothe contrast ofmusic and boom, yougot a fucking man who just wants toconstantly see how far you can push yourself within the art of this music, it’s towide to limit yourself to a tempo andparticular ‘sound’ thats fucking crazy.


Your latest mixtape ‘You’ll Rate Me When I’m Dead’ features the single ‘Premonition’. Tell us about, what’s the idea behind the song?

Man,that song wentthrough so many different changes you could call it a Kardashian (or Caitlyn Jenner). Originally it was just me, I laid a verse and Christie passed through the studio, had a vibe and laid this chorus down like in 15minutes, I sat on it for a few weeks and then sent it over to Nasaan, he hit me up with a demo verse and then just literally hit me up a few weeks later with a fucking craazzzyyy verse, the beat was sold on, so I had to get Dot Rotten to re make a beat to the accapella we had, we spentlike 12hoursmaking it, then he laid a verse down, finishedmixing it and BOOM, Premonition (even though youmother fuckers aresleeping on it).

Atlanta Rapper Nasaan features on the single. How did you come to work with him?

Social media, we was “@’ed” together in a tweet and literally, the journey starts from there, your cliche internet love story.

Whether it’s real life experiences or escapism, what influences when writing/making music?

Everything, films, themes, thoughts,sometimes sitting next to someone I don’t like it like one of my biggest writing factors, ascrazy as it is.

Having worked with the likes of Dot Rotten, Scrufizzer and Maxsta toKuniva (D12) and Samantha Mumba, are there any artists you’d like to collaborate with in the future?

Hell yeah, I just want to work with the greats, future greats and current greats.

Are there any up and coming artists, other than yourself,you would recommend to us or the readers?

Cliche, he’s got better since I first workedwith him, so definitely look out for him.

What have been the best moments of your musical journey so far?

Ummm….. Ask me again 5 years.

Have you performed live, if so, have you got any funny or interesting stories you’d like to share?

Ahh man, so many, one time I was on a tour with Maxsta & DJ Fresh and we got so wasted when we came back tothe hotel that for some reason we thought it’d be funny to smash the fuck out of the hotel room.. Upon waking up, we saw the damage and had to getone of the people with us to wear a blackshirt and pretend he was working atthe hotel doing roommaintenance so we could take items and replace all thesmashed TV’s, etc with new ones.

Do you have any tour/live events planned this year and next?

Not so far, but i’mhoping new dates soon.

Can you tell us about any upcoming music projects you have in the pipeline?

I’m just creating right now, I haven’t got aninitial idea of a project i’m yet to do so far but the music isCRAZY!

What are youhoping to plan to achieve in the next year?

Better music, comedy ideas, just growth as anentertainer and musician man, thats what i’m looking forward to.. Alsoconquering the fucking world and standing up at an award show and reading my fuck you list in opposed to my “I wannathank..” list.

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