Kid Bookie – Some Kind Of Hate Lost Tapes 2014 – 2015

Having released “You’ll Rate Me When I’m Dead” and planning on dropping the video for ‘Premonition’ featuring Christie, Nasaan and Dot Rotten real soon, Kid Bookie keeps the buzz going with the release of a collection of tracks taken from the SKOH1 period, the ‘Some Kind Of Hate Lost Tapes’ recorded between 2014 and 2015. There are some massive features such as Maxsta, Zeph Ellis, Christie and Nasaan that either didn’t make the cut or have been heard but not officially released. The tape is also produced entirely by Lewis Cullen who has worked frequently with Kid Bookie, becoming his official producer of sorts. Some tracks feature lyrics from Kid Bookie and co in which he ponders about various things, such as ‘I Wonder’, a track which Maxsta also rhymes deeply about his own brother. Christie provides soulful vocals on ‘Take Note’, another track with introspective lyrics from Kid Bookie offering his own perspective. ‘F.U.C.K’ is a more aggressive track from Books, where vents his anger and frustration about the state of the scene, as he gets dark and violent, and he intriguingly switches between personas, calm or angry. ‘Drinking & Smoking’ features rapid, double time flows from Kid Bookie over a calm and relaxed production, and the lyrics emphasize his lack of rest and his reliance on drink and weed. ‘Dreaming’ is and was the first collaboration between Kid Bookie and Atlanta based Rapper Sonny aka Nasaan. This one depicts the dream state that many of us may experience, dreaming of the successful and future we aspire to and the lifestyle that comes with it, yet we have to snap back to reality. ‘Love Of Your Life’ was a favourite of mine when I first heard it. A twisted love story, dealing with infatuation on the man’s part, there is dark humor from Kid Bookie, the lyrics revealing an unstable mental the further the song goes on. Sinister yet loving a song this is, and Dot Rotten delivers a superb and catchy hook too. Zeph Ellis aka Dot Rotten also features on ‘Hate Pt. 2′ along with Christie on the singing vocals. The song as with the first installment deals with the various types of hate that exist in either us or others.
A fantastic array of songs from Kid Bookie, top notch and unbelievable that they didn’t make the cut of “Some Kind Of Hate” first time around. Kid Bookie has a unique, distinctive style that he has been running with for some time, a style that goes beyond just Grime or Hip Hop, a lyrical style which is dark and sometimes humorous, opinionated and aggressive, introspective and philosophical. Overall, Kid Bookie possesses a high level of lyricism and knowledge, mix that with a unique sound, owing to the production from Lewis Cullen, and his undeniably exciting flows that bound from fast and rapid spitting to slightly slowed down, and even Christie adding more depth with his singing, Kid Bookie has much creativity around him.
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Some Kind Of Hate Lost Tapes:

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