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To round of a truly successful and remarkable year, Little Simz dropped a brand new EP recently called ‘AGE 101: DROP 3|000′. The EP features six tracks, with production by Tiffany Gouché, IAMNOBODI, MeLo-X, Sevn Thomas, Prezident Jeff and Jakwob, with no boundaries or restrictions in terms of genres, as the music is a cross between Hip Hop, RnB, Soul and much more.

The opening track, ‘No Introduction’, is a pounding Hip Hop/Trap production with a Bluez/Jazz vibe, Little Simz spitting rapid bars, rhyming about her regrets, especially slipping and letting inferior mc’s take the limelight, but she goes on to rhyme about getting back her shine, moving international, getting her head screwed on and becoming more wise, while she also drops some bars which convey her anger at her personal life, and throws up a metaphorical middle finger at haters.

As a lyricist, Little Simz comes across as a conscious rapper on ‘Closer’ for instance, featuring Tiffany Gouché on a soulful Hip Hop tune, rhyming about the love between tow lovers, Simz revealing that it is inevitable that they be falling for each other, and rhyming about the distance that grows over time. ‘Frozen’ is an RnB/Hip Hop production by IAMNOBODI on which Little Simz lays down smooth, singing vocals, once again a love song. ‘Circles’ is an atmospheric production, on which Little Simz rhymes about taking her time with perfecting her career and music, cherishing her time on earth, and letting events unfold.

Little Simz drops a Trap banger with ‘Intervention’ produced by Sevn Thomas along with Prezident Jeff, as she spits an onsluaght of ferocious bars, parring off inferior competitors in rap, calling out wack lyricists, emphasizing on her international status, dropping cheeky bars, delivery radiating her confidence, and she tears it up with rapid and hard hitting flows on one of the more hard-edged tracks featured. The final track, ‘Used To Know’ is produced by Jakwob, and is a nice and creatively crafted track, as the beat switches between and old school style, uptempo beat and a boom bap style beat with a dark, atmospheric vibe, as Little Simz switches her flows and personality in her lyrics, as she battles with conflicting opinions and thoughts, rhyming about fake friends and haters, going ham at rival mc’s amongst other things, as he shows both her light and dark side, which isn’t really that far apart.

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