Luciferian – The Bearded Weirdo EP

The Collective’s Luciferian has dropped his much anticipated “The Bearded Weirdo” EP, for streaming via Soundcloud and free download via Bandcamp. The name of Luciferian’s project says it all about what the EP is about. This “bearded weirdo” comes in to the Grime scene with a unorthodox style and image to what may be expected in the Grime scene, The lyrically impressive ‘Flow Of Destiny’ is a fascinating exploration of Lucy’s mind, his depressive state of mind, in the strive for acceptance in a music scene or society for that matter, where we are all trying to impress others by faking image and lifestyle, and trying to conform to society’s trends. Luciferian proves himself to be a prime example of receiving more respect and acceptance once you are yourself.

‘Content’ was the first track to be released from the EP by Luciferian, produced by Lee Wrizzle,
Lucy’s originality goes further than just his image, but as a musician, he stands out for his uniqueness, his energetic flows and sharply delivered lyrical content, The latter of which is in lack of in music in general, and Luciferian has more intellectual bars that still flow. Simply called ‘Content’, this banger contains a well-written and crafted song from verse to hook. And it shows ‘n’ proves Lucy’s content.

With his knowledge and intellect in his lyrics and music, Luciferian can only and learn, study and teach with the best of them, those in tune with him in mind and spirit, and that was what he did in the video for ‘Ju Jitsu’, a grime re-fix of Twista’s Overnight Celebrity, produced by 9TRANE. Not only does he throw jabs and punches at rival emcee’s in the riddim, but he also throws kicks in the music video. Lucy joins Jon E Clayface training and sparring in a round of Jiu Jitsu.

‘Bollywood Riddim’ produced by Chemist RNS is the cover, but only in audio format. This insane, hectic flow of the beat matched only by Lucy’s fast-paced barring will have you bouncing off of the walls, going mad and tripping like when you set your eyes on the trippy, psychedelic artwork. ‘Sensory Overload’, a thudding, synth-laden, gully riddim produced by Yeti, takes you on one of Luciferian’s trips again, succumbing to the extreme effects his chosen “fruit of the wise”, letting his senses go in to overload. This song also promotes the act of bettering yourself.
A remix of ‘Content’ produced by Kontagious rounds off the EP, a showcase of a true individual both stylistically and intangibly, namely his music. Luciferian has FLOWS, BARS and CONTENT in ABUNDANCE!!!

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