Madman State – Grim Reaper

Photography courtesy of @ellie_ramsden

‘Grim Reaper’ is the latest offering from London based multi-faceted musician, rapper, producer, and songwriter Madman State, and is an uncompromising, grimy throwback to his old school roots in Hip Hop, with a modern twist that lends elements of Trap. ‘Grim Reaper’ boasts a self produced soundtrack to the dark and horrific visuals, with Madman State weaving impressive, meandering flows and witty lyrics throughout a hypnotic beat which exuberates energy that only escalates progressively through out the duration of the song. Madman State’s cadence and the gravelly tone of his voice on this particular track could be likened to Giggs, whilst he displays acrobatic flows on the melodious production which possesses a bass line reminiscent of Eric B. & Rakim’s ‘Know The Ledge’.

The dark and horrific visuals along with the bloodthirsty lyrics see Madman State catching bodies around Hallowe’en season. The visuals, by George Burt and Temple Visuals, are set in an underground bunker, with vibrant, neon lighting and striking graffiti adorning the walls. The choreography fits well, with State showcasing his signature body poppin’ moves, and the costumes and spooky props, including blood-curdling masks, blood, smoke and a Grim Reaper scythe, which is a combination that adds to this aesthetically striking visual, which have a look of a dystopian future. The music video is Madman State’s most creative and dramatic video yet, and he doesn’t fail to entertain, adding an interlude half way through the video, which sees him calling out for Isabel to set him free to allow him to catch more bodies, before Lucifer gets the better of him!

Talking about ‘Grim Reaper’, Madman State explains “I wanted to make something that incorporated old school hip hop stylings and blend with modern trap drum sounds and synths to be more original. State continues, “I also wanted to try and make a hip hop song that embodied the spirit of Halloween hence the title and lyrical theme. I wanted to bring listeners to my version of the afterlife!

“Conceiving the video was the most fun part, from casting people and extras to location scouting. And of course wearing the ridiculous but effective grim reaper costume. I wanted to push the boundaries of what I’ve achieved visually so far with this one. And of course wearing the ridiculous but effective grim reaper costume!”

You can check out the spooky visuals for ‘Grim Reaper’ below, and also stream and purchase Madman State’s new single as well. Be sure to drop us your feedback in the comments section, let us know what you make of it.

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Directed By Madman State
Filmed By George Burt & Temple Visuals
Post Production/Effects By @templevisual

EXTRAS: @reecejacksonmusic // @danamareofficial // @segaisdead // MICHAEL SHAIKH
NURSE: @agata.nielsen
CHOREOGRAPHY: @solomonssoul // @felipe.garcia.albanellis // @leejramirez // @thesunskater




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