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Following on from the release of ‘This Is London’, the feel-good track from back in the summer, Makola, the Finnish/Ghanaian/E London Grime/highlife duo of Pete H and K Mensah have released the official music video for ‘Black Man Statues’ which dropped on Complex recently. This is a politically charged single featuring sharp, urban conscious lyrics from K Mensah on rhythmic production from Pete H, consisting of thunderous basslines and triumphant horns. The song deals with the history of black people in Britain, in light of Historic England’s recent move to give three new black history listings to statues, a sign that the voice of black people in Britain is beginning to be heard. The exact reason for the song being made was because “It is important that in history books to come, every flavour of culture given to this planet is represented and remembered. We are all black man statues.” Powerful lyrics like ‘this is the fashion capital, white kids move with a black man attitude’, and use of juxtaposition in calling London both a ‘poison chalice’ and ‘a wonderland’ are strong and resounding, and embodies the urban edginess and gritty side of the capital as well as the politics and culture that shroud the city.
The video for ‘Black Man Statues’ reflects the fashion and culture that fuels the song’s lyrics, and is abstract in that politics effects the lives of those people shown in the video, all different races and cultures from different walks of life. Makola also explain the idea behind the video themselves:

“The video is us taking you through the world of Makola, the things we see and encounter. With our mask on you see things through our eyes. Black Man Statues isn’t particularly tied down to specific race but more about real and static depictions of culture within London. How will we be depicted in the future? All we can hope for are honest representations and as long as diversity is captured and celebrated our generations story shall be told and celebrated for evolving a sense of humanity and community. We are all Black Man Statues.” – Makola

Having gained support from the likes of Beats 1’s Julie Adenuga, BBC’s Huw Stephens and Mistajam, Makola also proved their worth as live performers, as they smashed their debut live show at Camden’s KOKO back in November. They are also set to release their third single in January, so you better look out for this pair in 2017, it could be a big year for them both, they are ones to watch out for!

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