Marcus Mandible (Brunt Poet) “VOD N ICE” prod. Cloud 9

”Vod N Ice” is the new EP from Brighton Hip Hop artist Marcus Mandible (Brunt Poet), front-man of Brunt Poetry. The EP, produced by Cloud 9. It features four tracks by Marcus, released in a raw sounding quality, reminiscent of the likes of Wu-Tang.

”Whistle” is a Hip Hop track with a jiggling beat and mysteriously haunting melody, and features astounding lyricism from Marcus who delivers a story of a journey across sands and seas and addresses the system that sets you up to shut you down. Listen carefully and on closer inspection, Marcus is also rhyming about the art form. ”Jack & Jill” is yet another weird and wacky Hip Hop production, more lively and sees Mandible spitting fun, humorous rhymes that invite you in to the weird, cocky humble mind of the artist, who delivers some hilarious, clever and witty punchlines. ”Clarity” features a non-stop torrent of lyrical devastation from Brunt Poet, who takes on the role of our very own crusader, fighting for justice against the system and it’s unfairness and wrongs. The beat by Cloud 9 could well be from a soundtrack for a Batman show like in the 60’s, giving a espionage vibe, with it’s sfx and use of minimal chords leading up to the coda. The final track ”Easy” is somewhat hypnotic or entrancing with it’s humming synths and continuous chimes. Marcus goes in with a torrent of punchlines, some more obvious that others, but will strike you when you it hits you. Here he rhymes about how he chills out, how he keeps it real and authentic, and ends by talking about war, religion and spirituality in the last verse. He speaks on these topics easily and effortlessly.

Marcus Mandible is clearly a poet by craft, having lines, usually with some underlining message or punchline. Even just the one line can you strike you with it’s cleverness and wittiness at times. Marcus’ delivery is strong, bold and heavy-hitting, and even though there are times his flow might be a bit off, he could improve on that, but nevertheless, on the first two tracks on the EP, ”Whistle” and ”Jack & Jill”, he delivers some his best flows and deliveries.

Along with the release of the EP via his bandcamp, Marcus dropped a visual version of the ”Vod N Ice” EP via his Youtube, featuring his lyrics and captivating background visuals made grainy and with TV static, as if you were watching an old TV set, as it flicks through channels, or rather stations being that it is music.

Check it out below and leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section.

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