Mic. B – ODD Soul

Kent-based Hip Hop artist Mic. B celebrated Halloween last weekend with the release of a new project called ‘ODD Soul’. The project is a true embodiment of Hip Hop, and brings together the talents of Mic. B, the lyricist, and Krafty, the producer. Krafty appears as a guest lyricist on a few tracks, whilst MC Stern, Killamantis and Skwid also make an appearance, plus Jabba The Kut provides the scratches on ‘WFTOS’ which introduces us to the off-center sense of humor and displays the clever, witty wordplay skills that Mic. B beholds.

Mic. B uses his sharp vocabulary, acrobatic flows and wit to belittle competition in the Hip Hop scene, and boasting of his superior skills. Tracks such as ‘Swamps of Rap’ and the obscene, homicidal ‘Placid’, are both instances of Mic. B’s dark, comical lyricism. Krafty and MC Stern team up with Mic. B for ‘Padded Cell’, a hard hitting track with all three displaying flexible flows and amusing lyrics, where as ‘Cassette’s’ featuring Krafty changes up the vibe of the project. This song is a deep, reminiscent account of the pair’s formative years, discovering the Hip Hop culture. It is also features a melodic chorus. ‘Turn Back The Clock’ is an affectionate love song exploring Mic. B’s strained relationship with his ex, expressing his sorrow and regret for how things turned out. The poignant lyrics are set to a piano-led Hip Hop production from Krafty.

Along with those tracks mentioned plus the rest of the project, Mic. B showcases great lyrical ability,, steeped in his own unique eccentric rhyming style, with production that stays true to authentic Hip Hop, influenced by East Coast and West Coast Rap and Boom Bap. Not many artists are championing the origins of Hip Hop and the culture, but Mic. B is clearly a product of the golden era of Hip Hop especially, and gets our respect for that.

If you are fan of authentic Hip Hop, then this is for you. Listen to and purchase ‘ODD Soul’ below and leave your feedback in the comments section.

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Production by Krafty
Dj Cuts by Jabba tha Kut
Artwork by Fabio
Logo Artwork by Danny Void
Feat. Krafty, Killamantis, MC Stern, Skwid




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