MSL – Endeavours EP

Chosen Music present you with MSL’s latest project, Endeavours EP., to close out another consistent year for the West London artist. In addition to two previously released singles, ‘WM Money’ and ‘Make It Out’, both produced by Crafty 893, MSL drops 4 brand new tracks, produced by 808 Demon and ZX.

The first track on the EP, ‘I Know’ produced by 808 Demon, features passionate lyrics from MSL that detail his self-made journey, where he’s learnt to grind alone, cutting off the fakes and the doubters. With such vigour and clarity, MSL delivers a strong message, assisted by a melodic hook, almost lamenting the loss of those who fell by the wayside.

‘Hit List’ is another 808 Demon production, and this one is an absolute banger, combining energetic trap production to the rapid flows and intricate wordplay from MSL, as he oozes confidence and self-belief in himself and his ability, reminding us of his unwavering determination and work ethic.

‘Family’ is a rather heart-felt and introspective track from MSL, who takes to a melancholy trap beat produced by 808 Demon and ZX, revealing what motivates him to keep persisting, to bring his vision for himself, his family and close ones to fruition. MSL once again blends thoughtful, intricate lyricism with a melodic chorus, and his rhyme scheme on the second verse in particular is ensnaring.

‘Deep Routed’, MSL and 808 Demon’s final collaboration on the project, is a blend of booming 808 trap production, and sombre melody combined with sampled background vocals for R&B undertones. MSL delves deep into his own thoughts once again, with powerful lyrics exploring his state of mind in his low times, however, staying positive and resilient throughout, finding the motivation and inspiration to pick himself up.

‘Make It Out’ is perhaps my personal favourite off of the project overall. Produced by Crafty 893, and sampling Outkast’s ‘You May Die (Intro)’, this is a hard-hitting melodic trap banger that combines captivating story-telling and rapid delivery from MSL. Delivered in third person, the track follows one man navigating his way out of the streets, his mind in conflict between the streets, a 9 to 5, or pursuing his dreams. The story shows that a change of thinking can often bring success, and anything can happen when you least expect it.

‘WM Money’ is the final song off the EP, and served as the first single and visual to be released from the Endeavours EP earlier this year. Another banger cooked up by Crafty 893 on production, with MSL once again merging detailed lyricism with swift flows, on the bold and grandiose Drill beat. The song title refers to the level of success and kind of lifestyle, that for MSL, is only obtainable through consistency, hard work and dedication, a type of work ethic that he has always portrayed in his music, and executed on his career path so far.

Motivation, self-belief, determination, consistency, just some of the attributes and qualities that MSL persistently shows in his approach to achieving his goals. MSL’s undeniable musical skills are evident and on show once again, perhaps even more so, with terrific song-writing, flow and delivery, and lyricism that reflects the journey that many of his listeners can relate, and even be inspired or motivated by.

MSL has received support from many of the industry’s biggest DJ’s and Radio stations, including Ellie Prohan and Esi from KISS FM, Reprezent Radio’s C Cane, and Flex FM’s DJ Renzi just to name a few. The Endeavours EP entered the iTunes Hip Hop/Rap album chart at no. 3, and has already amassed over 35k streams on Spotify. It is safe to say that support and feedback will continue well in to the new year, and we certainly look forward to plenty more visuals and music from MSL in the near future.

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