¡Mursday! – Ready 2 Run EP

¡Mursday! - Ready 2 Run EP

¡Mursday! Recently teamed up with Boost Mobile and Samsung to release a new three-track EP called ‘Ready 2 Run’. The three tracks, having been released and unveiled are the title track, ‘Killin ‘Em’ and ‘Leaving On A Saturday’. The group which consists of ¡Mayday! Rappers Wrekonize and Bernz, alongside fellow Strange Music rapper Murs, deliver an EP, featuring Spanish, Latino style Hip Hop, evident from ‘Ready 2 Run’, a track with a party vibe, and salsa style production, with the trio of lyricists going back to back, the lyrics showcasing how they get down on the road, lots of whisky in their system, with doritos to soak it up, bringing along the music and the vibes along. ¡Mursday! buckle the listener in for lyricism packed with intricate metaphors, punchlines, Spanish lingo mixed in with the rapid flow and delivery, and groovy dj cuts, and a funky, uptempo, get-up beat.

The second track is called ‘Killin’ ‘Em’, and features singer Emmi as she delivers a reggae-style hook over the percussion heavy, bass-rich production. Wrek, Bernz and Murs spit ferocious lyricism over the Gianni Ca$h beat, spitting bars that kill of the competition, slaughtering the rest of the rap scene, dropping heavyweight metaphors, and rhyming about creating a sort of revolution to stand against the mainstream, and one that no one can stop.

The last track ‘Leaving On A Saturday’, is a melancholy, tranquil beat which starts out with an atmospheric melody, and a tingling guitar riff, moving in to a pounding beat. The track itself is a tribute of sorts to the Pan-handle state of Miami, with the trio delivering a story of them packing up and hitting the road, leaving behind Miami, memories and family. Bernz states that he only has the music and dreams to show his family, whilst Wrekonize reminisces on his early memories of home, and Murs is amazed at how far he has come and achieved, flying out to different states. Once again, this time from Murs, they mix in with Spanish lyrics in this deep tune.

The EP features production from ¡Mursday! themselves, including Gianni Ca$h, all three tracks sound totally different, with differing vibes from each, with Murs, Wrekonize and Bernz displaying top-notch, clever lyricism packed with intricate lines, metaphors and much more, with a knack for story-telling, and superb energetic delivery and flow. Grab your free download of the full EP below and leave us your feedback in the comments section below . . .

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