Niall Nervz – Wake Up Call (Hosted By DJ Big Ryde)

Mixtape Madness bring you the highly anticipated mixtape ‘Wake Up Call’ from UK Rapper Niall Nervz, hosted by DJ Big Ryde. Featuring heavyweight features from the likes of Page, Baseman, Shak Corleone and Soraya Russell, the mixtape features such emotionally driven tracks like the hit song ‘Crooked Smile’ and ‘About Time’ that deal with a young man just like Niall who draws from his own experiences to rhyme about growing up in such slums as his own, grinding daily and struggling to keep afloat in a society with such distractions and dangers, coinciding with his music aspirations. You have groovy hits like ‘Lets Ride’ featuring Siobhan Isaacs whom lends her fab soulful singing vocals to the hook as he kicks lyrics for the ladies and street game for the mandem, still holding music to his heart. ‘All I Wanna Do’ is another Trap/Rap and R&B mix featuring Page as the pair rhyme about their desire to make money without all of the hassle from the streets. ‘Music Love’ is a creative love song in which Niall expresses his love for music, whereas ‘Picture’ is a grown up, mature tune in which Niall rhymes about a ride or die chick that is there by his side and ready to almost anything for him with Niall putting her on a pedestal. Sian features on this track with truly amazing vocalizing. Baseman teams up with Niall on ‘Roll One’ as they both rhyme about their recreational drug use, building a picture of laid back evenings just chilling and smoking. One other track that caught my attention is ‘Deeper Than Rap’, an emotional, acoustic Hip Hop production with Rock influences, as Niall rhymes over the guitar riffs as speaks to the youth to deter them from a path of crime and to use their minds and their genius to make something of themselves. Niall Nervz delivers a dope mixtape which features music that rather than glamorizes his circumstances, depicts it as a rather gritty existence in which he let alone anybody else wants to be apart of, but his passion for music and the positivity fro it gets him by. Grab your free download right now and leave your feedback in the comments section . . .

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