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OptiMystic Review Chart Day of the Guiding Light Followed by the Shadow

OptiMystic is an underground emcee from Perth in Australia, who released a ground-breaking double album in December last year, entitled “Day Of The Guiding Light / Followed By The Shadow”. On his latest project, OptiMystic has reached out to such international Hip Hop icons as Onyx, Keith Murray of Def Squad, Krazy Drayz (Das EFX), The Lost Boyz’ Mr Cheeks, Chip-Fu from Fu-Schnickens, Doitall of Lords of the Underground and many more. “Day Of The Guiding Light / Followed By The Shadow” features production from Loftwah the Beatsmiff, Wisdom2th, Rob Shaker (Syllabolix), Creed Birch and Dazastah (Downsyde Syllabolix).

OptiMystic has literally travelled to the Mecca of Hip Hop music, with videos for ‘Exquisite’ featuring Chip-Fu, ‘Rock On All Levels’ featuring Mr Cheeks and Rockness Monsta, ‘Fearless’ featuring Afu-Ra, Doitall and Chip-Fu, ‘Spit That Shit’ featuring Keith Murray and ‘Madd Rush’ featuring Onyx, all filmed across the globe from Perth to New York.

Keeping the art in his heart, OptiMystic has delivered a “genuinely personal” album, one that features the emcee ripping through beats from the off, listen to ‘Raw Fiiire’, a Wisdom2th production with scratches and tongue-twisting, rapid flows from OptiMystic. MC’ing, check! DJ’ing, check! OptiMystic pays homage to the elements of Hip Hop, and with ‘Spit That Shit’ featuring Keith Murray, an uplifting and anthemic Hip Hop track, the duo turned up in Times Square for the video, which features scenes of graffiti. The video for ‘Exquisite’ produced by Rob Shaker and featuring Chip-Fu aka Jungle Rock Jr and Singer Sarah Pellicano is a highly energetic, rhythmic tune with fun, striking, nonsensical rhymes and quick-fire delivery from OptiMystic and Chip-Fu. The video features partygoers cutting a groove on the dance floor. B-boying, check!

OptiMystic celebrates the good times and has fun on tracks like ‘Exquisite’, spreading the vibes of raw love and hardcore positivity on the chilled ‘Stay Positive’ produced by Wisdom2th once again, and featuring rather soulful singing vocals from Marnie Kent on the chorus. OptiMystic teamed up with Afu-Ra, Doitall and Chip-Fu on ‘Fearless’, a thumping Loftwah-produced song featuring infectious flows from the emcee’s and Reggae-inspired vocals on the hook from Chip-Fu.

Whilst the second half of the double album seems to have more darker music, straight fire and even rock-infused tracks like ‘Rock On All Levels’ and ‘Madd Rush’, the first half sounds more of a lighter, more positive vibe. OptiMystic is blessed with rapid-flowing, infectious flows and skilful lyrical ability which he displays on this project. Not only does he celebrate the good times in his life, but OptiMystic is also personal with “topics of love, death, addiction, spirituality, the mystical unknown and his appreciation for Hip Hop”. The passion that OptiMystic has for Hip Hop and the respect for the true art form, mixed with natural skill, is the reason that he has been able to travel the globe and work with some of the genres most upheld iconic artists.


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SUPER DUPER STAR – A quality album by OptiMystic. Great features and production. The lyricism is up to par with that of iconic Hip Hop MC’s such as the ones that appear on this double album. The only thing that lets that prevents this album from a 30/30 is the concept, although to be fair there is not much of a concept, it is more focused on the art of rap, OptiMystic’s rhyming techniques, and his passion and appreciation for Hip Hop. That in itself is a breath of fresh air in today’s Hip Hop.

Bigger than Me & You
Spit that Shit

Day Of The Guiding Light / Followed By The Shadow available on all major digital platforms!

Day Of The Guiding Light / Followed By The Shadow – CD




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  1. Thanku and respect 2 Death Kiss !!
    Honored by the review and very happy for someone to see it for wat it is.
    Madd luv

  2. Op is a truely inspiring individual and positive without compromise. I wish McMc all the accolades and hope to work with him again soon. I got track one on repeat man.
    Congrats Bro.

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