Redro Killson – GxD iN The Beginning

Firing Squad and Brainsick Muzik present to you Redro Killson’s latest album, ‘GxD iN The Beginning’, which initially was supposed to be a 4 song Ep, introducing the fans to his new sound, hoping to reach an RnB level, leaving behind the “turn up psycho kill yo bitch music” for the time being. Redro serves such tracks as KeepSinging2MyBitchImFintoFadeUN***as and iBeenLost inside atrip that both mix thumping, tight drum kicks with ambient instrumentation, the latter of the two having a futuristic, space vibe, as Redro sings about trying to escape the constant drug use, singing in a low harmonious voice. Redro Killson then takes you on to tracks like ‘iAlmostLuv’ which was featured also on his previous album ‘ShermanIsley1979′, and what may be one of the more hardcore of tracks on the album, DopeN***aSayWORD, a trapesque production that sounds very like it sampled Outkast’s Aquemini, featuring braggadocios lyrics from Redro as he radiates confidence and self-ego. ‘GxDForever’ features high-pitched vocals from Redro, and it weirdly works fantastically over the bassy production, with Redro’s lyrics delving in to a woman’s infatuation with his voice. SlowLove/SunshinePussy is a slow-jam, a love ballad if you will from Redro, as he expresses his undying love for a woman, wanting to making an honest woman of her and comparing her to the sunshine. IJW samples Janet Jackson’s Would You Mind, placing the remixed vocals from JJ on a sort of chopped and screwed beat, taking it slow as he sings of slow physical loving. Redro does some soul searching on GxDSOUL, reaching soaring heights with his great vocalizing here, then jumps on a funky bassline-based beat in SangThat$hit, looking for some caressing and wanting his woman to sing for him. The great thing about the production here is that it brings out Redro’s uplifting voice with the beat change, starting with a funky vibe, then in to a RnB/Urban guitar riff, and in to a Hip Hop style beat, with the climax of the track fusing it all together. The other track that caught my attention was ‘SlaveShip’, as Redro sings over intense, tight and plucky strings, the song following the arrival of slaves on a ship, and it seems Redro points out that he any many other African-Americans are still slaves, interestingly still trapped in chains, gold chains to be exact, either that or noting the progression with a superb line, ‘We went from getting whipped to whipping crack’. Interpret it how you want! Purchase Redro Killson’s latest album below as well as stream it and leave us your feedback in the comments section . . .

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