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It seems like a busy year of releases for Brainsick Muzik and even a nationwide tour in the summer, and Brainsick’s Redro Killson, rapper and singer, aka Sherman Isley released a new album recently called ‘ShermanIsley1979′. Redro blends his dulcet singing tones, low and drawling delivery as well as rap skills with angel-like R&B productions and and God-fearing, pounding Hip Hop/Trap beats in what is an astounding project in my opinion. Redro opens with ‘Sherman Isley’ featuring Premo, singing floatingly over an atmospheric melody, booming bass and rolling drums, with both lyrically showcasing how a couple of stars in the stars get down on stage. Next up is ‘Leave Her Alone’, one of my personal favourites, with Redro teaming with fellow Firing Squad rapper Redikulus, as he sprinkles slow, soothingly sung vocals over a light, angel like dustings of wonderfully played piano keys. Both Redro and Dikulz subtley reference drugs as they rhyme about their addiction to the love of a woman whom they have their way with and then ditch.

A couple of other times does the subject of women crop up with Redro, in particular, ‘BM’ or Baby Mama, in which Redro declares his love for his baby’s mama, so desperately wanting to make love yet having so many troubles such as alcoholism making it difficult to love. Redro lays down yet more slowly sung vocals, making it seem as though he is reaching out n the hook as hs vocal range flactuates regularly. Another notable song is ‘1979Killson’ and another one of my favs, as Redo rains down comfortably sung lyrics on a soulful yet pounding Trap beat with great sampling adding the 70’s Motown vibe, as the song depicts the story of a woman who denies love in favour of sex.

Redro rolls the subject of women and blatant drug references in to ‘Dope Wit A N****’, sings over a groovy, up-jump beat about sharing his experience of drug use with a woman. Redro starts to label himself God as well as describing his music as God like on ‘Sam Cook (IfGodWouldSing)’, which is a pounding Hip Hop beat with choir-like background samples kicking in, and combining the drum rolls with the bass towards the end is ike thunder. He continues his God status on ‘God N****’ featuring another Brainsick rapper Iso, as Redro delivers a cross between low down singing and rapping on a piano-tingling Hip Hop/Trap beat, as the pair enlighten us on their greatness, with Iso even referring to Psalms and Jesus, as well as depicting his power which catches the eye of the devil. The remix to this track features Redro enlisting the help of Lon Gotti, Z, Kamikaze, Dikulz and Karma, as they all pepper the gully trembling bass-heavy Trap beat with deadly lyrics conveying not only their greatness and hgher power which can be likened to God, but their sinful ways, demonic minds and some them aligning themselves with the Devil. The likes of Z, Kamikaze, Dikulz and Karma are impeccable with skippy and rapid flows.

Redro’s rap skills are effortless as he displays on ‘Red Trap’, as he tears down a Trap beat with ease, spitting about his hate for most people he comes across, full of hate and loveless towards for his baby mama, whilst rhyming about his drug abuse. Redro also collaborates with Firing Squad’s Z on ‘Carry On’, on which Redro combines his amazing singing talent along with a rap verse, as the two artists convey their irritation at those always in their faces, or pointing out their flaws, as they also rhyme about their self-destruction starting from an early age. This one features deep, introspective lyricism from Redro Killson and Z. As is with most of the tracks featured on ‘ShermanIsley1979′, the album explores Redro’s drug addiction, his differing relationships with various women in his life, as well as how he deals with criticism as pointed out on ‘Carry On’, and Redro also cements himself as a God artist, no doubt like ‘Pac, or Biggie, or even Sam Cook or Smokey Robinson which is astonishing. Purchase your copy of Redro Killson’s ‘ShermanIsley1979′ below, look out for the hard copy of this and ‘HolyWATER’ also by Redro, and leave us your feedback in the comments section below . . .

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  1. Thank u so much for understanding appreciating and supporting the music I hope everyone listening believes in this music shit as much as i do The UK has a history of really knowing what Art is.. Yall support great music and I hope to in the world the artist i know I kan b.. Brainsick Nation We on our way watch us drop classics all day

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