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Dikulz and Redro’s hotly and much anticipated joint project “Mayonnaise & Caviar” has finally been released, with hard copies available from Dikulz’ Bandcamp and CDBaby, with other digital retail distribution to follow real soon. The album explores themes drug and alcohol abuse, as exemplified on ‘Drag You Back In’ and it also delves in problems with America’s society with class structure under the microscope on the title track ‘Mayonnaise & Caviar’, and a look at violence and genocide in the poor communities in particular, as depicted on tracks like Wrong Kid’, featuring Z, and ‘Stand Up’.

‘On My Mama’ is an excellently wrote song by Dikulz who tells a story of a kid named Jimmy and the drama he brought to his mama and the effects it had on both he and her. The title is an expression of sincerity and truthfulness and is aimed at those liars that use the expression, but it also attaches some realness and authenticity to the track which examines a situation in one person’s life that is relatable to any kid or adult having gone through such an experiences.

Like ‘On My MaMa’, ‘Drag You Back In’ is a track that is relatable to anyone dealing with a drug habit. This song features Dikulz acting as the devil on Redro’s shoulder, and Redro rhymes about his ordeal with a drug habit that he is trying to kick. Redro delivers singing vocals on the bass-booming production from Kamikaze, which also contains spanish-style guitar strings. The way the production is arranged and the way that both artists deliver their vocals gives the impression of Redro continually being dragged back. Z collaborates with Redro and Dikulz on ‘Wrong Kid Died’, as all three spit on a trap beat with a dark, sinister vibe, rhyming about a society of kids left helpless and forgotten about, left to die for the wrong reason, or no reason at all for that matter. ‘Stand Up’ also deals with genocide in communities across America, not only committed by law enforcements but the communities themselves.

Both Redro and Dikulz deliver heart-felt and emotional song with ‘She Used To Love Me’, the two rapping about their ex’s. The beat is hypnotic and possesses a melancholy melody too, and the sorrowfulness is heightened by Redro’s vocals on the chorus, and the anger is conveyed in their delivery. On a brighter note, ’90z Kid’ takes it back to the 80s/90s, proceeded by a radio tune in of some of the 90s classics from the likes of The Notorious B.I.G, Mark Morrison, Ice Cube and Naughty By Nature, the two artists deliver lyrics on a, Boom Bap Hip Hop beat, filled with nostalgia and cultural and generational references.

Redro Killson is given the limelight on ‘Same Results’, as he is likened to God, and both he and Dikulz run through some of their own trials and tribulations, feeling to pray to God Redro as it gets the same results. Even if you may not agree with Redro labelling himself Gxd, you may change your mind with ‘Trophies & Gold’. Redro features on this solo ballad, as Redro delivers astounding singing vocals, in a crooning manner, on a happy spirited, piano-led instrumental that may leave you with goosebumps. The lyrics promote self-belief and are motivational, and Redro sings about not pandering to expectations of others and going for the trophies and gold, even if he don’t want them.

Redro Killson link up well, going together like mayonnaise and caviar, with Redro’s trademark singing abilities that are characteristics of crooning, and Dikulz raw delivery and often rapid flows. A slither of the production could well be the soundtrack to a horror movie, and is heavily trap influenced, for the exception of maybe a few. This suits the horrorcore style of Dikulz and Redro, but then there are tracks with soulful and melodious production fitted to Redro’s style. The features are minimal, only featuring Z on a select few tracks. There is a running theme on the album, exploring society, from upper class to the lower class and the poorer, disadvantaged communities. What better note to finish the album up on than an empowering song like Trophies & Gold!


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On My MaMa

Wrong Kid Died

90z Kid

Trophies & Gold

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