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Following on from his EP Launch Party at Birthdays in Dalston, and premiering new single ‘Ikea’ on Complex, North London Grime artist Reece West, who draws comparisons to D Double E, has dropped his new EP ‘3D’. He also had an awesome session with Logan Sama on BBC Radio 1 last week to celebrate the release.

Featuring eight tracks on the EP, Reece West who’s been hailed as “your new favourite grime artist” by Dummy Magazine, opens up with the heavily trap-influenced banger The Plug, which serves as the intro. Over a simplistic, down-trodden and moody instrumental, Reece West serves up deep, hoarse vocals, the track representing Reece’s position in the grime scene right now. He’s one of the more sought after talents, still on the rise, but able to supply you with what you want.

‘When Will I Learn’ switches it up with more up-tempo, energetic production, on which Reece’s flows become more lively. Perhaps one of the best to spit those ‘Bet you thought I was gonna say’ lines, it shows that the bars just flow from West’s mouth, flowing easily and effortlessly. The lyrics explore Reece’s lack of time for time wasters, being let down more than once to the point that he’s left wondering when he’ll learn not to put his trust in anybody.

The latest single ‘Ikea’ is a brilliant grime riddim that Reece West delivers to us. He cleverly and wittily uses DIY puns to spit about linking girls and his supremacy in the scene. “Everyone has had an experience with Ikea,” he explained to us via email. “This is my spin on my experience in Ikea with a fun relation to how I feel I’m influencing the UK scene subtly with innovative ideas and consistent quality.”

Features come from Melvillous on the hypnotic, bass-thunderous banger ‘Defying Physics’, another pun to stress that these two are lyrically on another level when it comes to the pen game, work rate and hustle. ‘Arsene Wenger’ is the posse cut from Reece West, featuring Hugh Wizzy, Ghstly, Discarda, Yizzy and Brotherhood. Delivering a distinctive, infectious flow and catchy hook, this one contains reload-worthy, flammable lyricism. This ones a gas!

Moving on to ‘Harlem’, this ones another down-trodden, simplistic trap-influenced grime track featuring gloomy vocals from Reece, who goes on dark and demonic as he declares himself the Landlord, going on gully and murky and able to walk the streets of Harlem even, with out no harm. The chorus for this one is kinda wavy still! ‘Opposite Interests’ is whole other kinda wavy, with an afrobeat/dancehall vibe to this remix featuring fellow musician and singer Artan. The song explores a relationship between two lovers with completely differing interests, the man working on music and the woman going out to work, both grinding to be able to make a better life yet likely becoming more distant. The beat and the vocals from Artan add some rhythm to the song.

To close out the EP, Reece West goes even deeper with ‘Rewind’, a harrowing story of past upbringing. Thought-provoking, Reece wonders what could or would have been if he were able to take it back. Knowing that he can’t, he admits his imperfections like everyone, and that he is still learning. What he has gone through has made him who he is today, which can’t be bad.

A superb return by Reece West with the ‘3D’ EP. A fitting title considering that Reece delivers perhaps some of his most all-rounded, multi-dimensional music to date. Differing vibes on the EP, from straight up Grime, catching some old skool vibes there. New wave Trap influences are thrown in to the mixture, but at 140bpm pace, the EP is grime-driven, except for the one afrobeat-influenced ‘Opposite Interests’. Reece West has proven himself to be one of the best barrer’s in the scene, on sets and radio shows, and performing live at Grime Originals, and more recently, at the Red Bull Grime-a-Side clash, on the London verses Liverpool clash, teaming with Yizzy and C Cane.. Delivery wise, Reece West is tough and hard-hitting, and has a distinguishable style and flow.

Being included on Red Bull’s best of grime playlist, Reece is well on his way to becoming one of the most important rising artists around at the moment.

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