Reppy Hustle – Interview

Reppy Hustle, tell us a bit about your upbringing and how it has shaped you as an artist, your music and sound?

I grew up in Tottenham, North London. It’s where I’ve been my whole life, so I’ve seen a lot happen and I’ve put it all into my music. Also in my house a lot of music gets played , being African I get to listen to different sounds. I feel it all plays apart in my choice of music and how I can be versatile with it.
I grew up liking rap music from a very young age, so that plays a part .

How did you come to be Reppy Hustle, what’s the inspiration behind the name?

Growing up in secondary school I was running around with the name ‘Reptar’ , then I shortened it growing up and the ‘Hustle’ part came from just the way I have been in life.

Who were/are your influences in music, and who or what impacted you to pick up the mic?

Picking up the mic was just a natural thing. I have always had a thing for music. From a young age I was practicing.
The more I listened to music and watched videos I got more and more interested.

Facing a lot of competition, how would you pitch yourself as an artist to stand out?

It will have to be my story. I feel everyone has a different story. I could be able to connect with people on a different level.

What would you like people to take away from your music, a message maybe, when they hear you?

Yes, all my tracks have a message. These messages are said to motivate. It can be just two words, but it will definitely be a message.

Reppy Hustle - 2(1)

Your latest visual ‘Let Me Be’ is a catchy, melodic blend of several genres. Tell us about the creation of the song and what it represents?

I heard the instrumental and it want hard to lay down the lyrics , because this has been my current mood. So everything was just flowing out . When I went studio I added a few more lyrics and the track was completed. It represents a time for everyone when they are in that mood when they just want to do their thing and left alone.

With visuals on both Link Up TV and GRM Daily, what is the inspiration for your visuals, what is the creative process like?

When creating the visuals for my tracks I direct them mysel, I search for locations before the day so that we are on schedule during the shoot. Then when the video is ready, I decide whether to go for Link Up or GRM.

Making the transition from underground artist to ‘One To Watch’ yourself, who else would you like to see come through. Who’s on your radar?

Gatez, he has a lot of tracks that I’ve been listening to, he’s defo about to cause a madness.

Whether a vocalist, producer or both, who would your ideal collaboration be with. Can we expect any surprises?

Jay Z defo, he is too cold with it.

Apart from music, what are your life dreams, what do you want to achieve?

I want to be a good investor. Currently I’m just researching, I’ve did an event in the past so I want to put on more aswell. I will push hard at music for now though.

If it wasn’t music, what could you see yourself doing. Any interests outside of music?

Movies. I’d like to be a brand ambassador as well .

Have you any goals you’d like to achieve by this time next year?

Yes. I want to release a lot more music, connect with a lot more people. I’d love to have my music in the charts and do festivals .

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