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Two of Minarmy’s most versatile artists, Menace and Blaze who both make up the Grime/Hip Hop duo that is Brotherhood recently released their new E.P entitled “Bloopers” which compiles some of their latest tracks and remixes for a project which hold all of the fans and listeners until their forthcoming mixtape “Love Life Hate The World” out in March.

Brotherhood impress my solely for their versatility, able to liven up a track whether it be Hip Hop or Grime, and along with their contrasting yet complimenting styles and impeccable flow, delivery and lyricism, are great song-writers who often add soulful singers to their hooks or opt to give it bash themselves, and with astounding results, they may have unlocked another string to their bow.

In this particular project, Menace and Blaze embrace more Hip Hop than Grime, even though there are a few Grime bangers on the E.P, such as their Rated freestyle for GRM Daily, in which the pair spit flames over an old skool Grime instrumental, dropping a few punchlines, going back to back with fast-paced flows, switching it up once in a while, and where Blaze has the more deeper, hard-hitting delivery, Menace has a more animated, high pitched voice which I can’t help but think adds a bit more hype to the mix. Even with a freestyle, Brotherhood raise the levels with their lyricism.

Another Grime track featured on the E.P is a remix of Ghett’s “Doesinit Now”, in which they give Ghetts a run for his money on his own track, going old skool, not only with the beat selection, but also taking a trip down memory lane, taking you on a journey from when they weren’t anybody, to when they started getting a buzz, having the likes of Dot Rotten giving them beats, and going right up to now where they have been recruited in to one of the scene’s biggest crew’s in Grime or Hip Hop, Minarmy. Menace and Blaze go back to back with impressive delivery, after which you have to take a deep breath and admire the work they have put in to get where they are.

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Apart from the few Grime tracks which undoubtedly, Brotherhood destroyed, most of the songs on the E.P focus on togetherness, relationships and the duo’s own thoughts and feelings and reflections on life and the world. “Change My Mind” features singer Anthony Thomas on the chorus of whom adds a soulful vibe to the Hip Hop track with beautiful and catchy singing vocals. Brotherhood rhyme about relationships, a battle of their minds and hearts, on one hand thinking to leave a bad situation, but thinking that they may change their mind along the line. Maybe the message is that you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

Hit It Again” is another brilliantly constructed song, with hook and verse, thinking about an ex-girlfriend, longing for another chance, having a one-track mind, both Menace and Blaze are stuck in the past, not wanting to move on. This a mellow Hip Hop track about bust up’s, and sees both artists putting down their own feelings, however painful, both being able to connect with the song. Both also add soothing, comfortable singing vocals to parts of the song which adds more flow to the song.

LLHTW Freestyle” is yet another mellow Hip Hop production featuring Brotherhood rhyme with conviction, this time about current affairs, giving their own political views, reflecting on hate, racism, jealousy and greediness. Watching the world go by, they also spit about unemployment, and whilst not falling victim to the old cliché of looking down on the unemployed who don’t have a pay check, not chasing dreams, he backs the idea of not wasting you time and going for your’s and achieving your dreams. They also show remorse for those less fortunate, and confusion at the law. Brotherhood witness these events and are aware of how the world shapes who they and how they feel, and can positively convey this without being angry at anybody, opting to love life but hate the world.

Another track which is a personal favourite is “Brotherly Love” which I think features Onefourz, in which they often feel like they are drifting away from their loved ones or brothers, and going their seperate ways, tough decisions are made but they will always hold out a helping hand, having their brother’s back, also stating that music and brotherly love is the reason for their graft.

There are many more tracks on the “Bloopers” E.P which showcase Brotherhood’s electrifying lyricism, deep story telling, and chemistry between each other which helps create the great vibes, the array of flows and superb delivery, particularly back to back. Menace and Blaze are two artists of which I back for great success in 2014, with the hard work which they have put in, the helping hand from the likes of Dot Rotten and being surrounded by creative minds in Minarmy and artists like Onefourz, they deserve to go far, and their diversity could very well hold them in good stead to go mainstream.



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SUPER DUPER STAR – Brotherhood are already looking like stars, they have got their song-writing, lyricism and flow on point, and know who they are as artists, and have the people that they can reach out to, including for production as well as features, but as a duo, they can go far by themselves which is apparent by this E.P which has next to no features yet is a quality project.



Change My Mind

LLHTW Freestyle

Doesinit Now

Hit It Again

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