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US Hip Hop artist Da New Era Damyon, the self-acclaimed Missing Link in Hip Hop, presents to you “Da Mizzin Link” mixtape, which is availble for free download now on Damyon starts off the 18-track strong tape with a quick banger. Damyon goes in on this one, and in my opinion is one of the best tracks on the mixtape, a great way to start off the project. The whole idea behind the intro is Damyon telling you that he is just him, and with a straight to the point hook, he rips up the beat with a comfortable flow and hot bars, throwing in a few punchlines.

Damyon showcases good lyrical potential on several tracks including “Talkin About”, which is produced by Frech Alveraze. Damyon lays down a hot hook and hot bars. “Why I Rap Freestyle” is another which Da New Era Damyon spits a sick freestyle over a wonderful Hip Hop beat, showcasing his worplay and lyrical skills, destroying the beat with a laid back flow. Damyon throws in a couple Trap-style bangers, “Fakes” featuring Don Don The Great and Ambo, in which all three rappers go in on the beat, warning you of fakes, snakes in the grass, and staing their intentions not to eff with these types, snakes or the jakes, dropping straight heat. The other track is “Turnt Up” with Young Butta and Trizzy. Damyon and the two features tear up the bassy Hip Hop instrumental. They all handle their biz lyric-wise, and from a flow stand-point, drop slow, hard-hitting flows.

Don Don The Great features for the second time on “Hood Star Anthem (I Made It)”, which is a positive track which chronicles both Damyon’s and Don Don’s coming up, rising from the hood to hood star status, leaving their names in everyone’s thoughts, and having finally made it.

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With this release, on one hand, there are the straight up bangers, and even some club banger such as “Big Booty Bitches” which Damyon dedicates to bitches with big bootys, “Freak Gurl” in which he gets explicit in his lyrical content, flowing superbly on a bouncy Hip Hop instrumental, and “Get On The Floor” where Damyon switches up the flow and spits rapid bars in parts of the song. These and many others may depict the negativity and typical lifestyles of some of todays Hip Hop artists, but Da New Era Damyon does give you some positive, and deep, emotional tracks.

In “Proud Of Me”, Damyon dedicates it to his close friend who passed away, and with the question “Are You Proud Of Me?”, he rhymes about the things that he was taught by his friend, sharing his thoughts and memories of him, spitting what he has been taught and wondering if he is now proud. This is a poignant song over an equally emotional bit of Hip Hop production. “HOPE (Hold On Pain Endz)” is a track which Damyon constructs three seperate stories, the track deals with pain, abuse, pregnancy addiction and overdosing, and the everyday struggle for mothers, single or not. The last verse sees Damyon open up about his own mother, his losing her, apologising for things he did, and thanking her for the things she did for him. Yet another emotional song. “Thank Yhu Letter” is a letter to all of the people in Damyon’s life, past or present, who have touched him and made a difference, shouting all friends and family, and those who have passed away. Da New Era Damyon connects with these tracks through his own experience.



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• SHOWING POTENTIAL – Da New Era Damyon shows potential on “Tha Mizzin Link”, he just needs to perfect his style a bit more, tighten up his flow and deilvery, and with a professional studio-recorded mixtape filled with his already brilliant lyricism and sometimes intriguing song writing skills, shown in his hot hooks and story-telling, he would have a hot mixtape to take to an A&R . . .




Why I Rap Freestyle

Proud Of Me

Hood Star Anthem (I Made It) Ft. Don Don The Great


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