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Green, Ex And Grams

S Dot Samuel Green, Ex And Grams Review Chart

Death Kiss Media Comments:

 S Dot Samuel, Regime member and Deadcloud representative comes with a new EP entitled “Green, Ex And Grams”, showcasing his Essex roots withc cockney rhyming and lyricism. He raps about the Essex life that he leads, and may speak for others on this as well. Lyrical content includes Drugs, Drink, Sex which might highlight that he has attitude, because a combination of everything is going to make you messed up and his lyrics don’t promote it in any way as he spits naturally.

 The lyricism is shocking and there are no boundaries as he spits about the Essex lifestyle. His delivery of all of this content is greatly executed, and even though most of the tracks are on the same subject, he somehow comes from a different angle, switching up flow-wise and the situations that he places himself in within the lyrics and story of the track.

 The production is all orginal, and S Dot Samuel chooses some lesser heard producers including High Frequency, J Child, Religion Unknown, Thrupence, Chillz and Clams Casino, all relatively unknown but have something to prove, and the production from them all is fresh and original and all rules are thrown out the window, leaving them to bring out their creativity to create the overall feeling that S Dot is perhaps going for. Then you have Jahlil Beats who is the most known of all the producers.

 S Dot showcases his talent as a song writer, song crafter, putting all of his ideas and his thoughts in a cohesive track, creating some strong hooks on tracks such as “Old Habits” and “Essex Boy”.

As far as originality goes, S Dot grasps the concept of Drugs, Drink and Sex and makes it all his own with his fresh and innovative rhyming style, and stands out from most Hip Hop artists for his sheer talent, great song writing, lyricism and flow.

 The branding is quite bare, the cover shows S Dot Samuel’s face, and is somewhat abstract, featuring him with a cigarette in his mouth, but logos including the Regime and Deadcloud ones are missing, and they are such a strong team, but for them not to stamp their branding on here is quite disappointing as this is a strong EP and should be endorsed, for everybody to get know the team you have got put your name everywhere you can.

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Essex Boy – “Essex Boy” sees S Dot throw it up for his home town, with hard-hitting lyrics, no care for what he spits, sick lyrics, and the rowdiness in the tone of his voice which lends itself to the whole thing of being an Essex Boy. No holds barred as he raps about drugs which is associated with Essex to a point. S Dot Samuel comes across as knowing what he is talking about, he doesn’t glamorise any of what he is saying, and he rides the beat with a comfortable flow.


Old Habits – “Old Habits” is a more deep tune, especially in the production. S Dot raps in his lyrics about old habits, presumably night life, getting drunk, taking drugs, and zoning out, wavey, and all over the place it seems from the feeling I get from this tune. This track shows the consequences of the life that he leads, and what path he chooses, it’s for you to find out, but just remember he isn’t giving up anything because that is what makes him who he is.


Carmine – This track showcases more of S Dot’s cockney rhyming style, taking you on another audio trip, and this to me feels like one of those you might grab a spliff and just zone out to, and although most of the tracks on here have that feeling, I can’t find a specific theme here, other than S Dot spitting some lyrical fire as usual. Once again the beat is banging, and origian;l and fresh.


Said That I Wouldn’t Ft. Dream McLean – “Said That I Wouldn’t” features fellow Deadcloud representative Dream McLean, and is a hardcore beat with a hint of hard-hitting Reggae in there, I might be wrong but that is how it sounds to me. Dream McLean joins S Dot on a journey to the end of no retun, dragging themselves along with hard lyiricsm, comfortable flow, shocking bars that sees them in the deep and out of it.


Skunk With Cuffies – “Skunk With Cuffies” is a beautiful instrumental straight from the off, a dreamy vibe to it, and S Dot drops more messed up lyrics, continuing on his journey of drug abuse, drinking problems, and provides more shocking lines.


Buzz Light Year – “Buzz Light Year” is presumably about weed, and as I thought it is, about more drugs, and the choice of great production continues with a beat that does justice for S Dot’s zoning out lyricism, taking the listener on a floating journey to the sky and back again.


Audrey Bitoni – “Audrey Bitoni” is one of the more current shall I say beats, a Trap influence to it, and S Dot drops a wicked flow like most of his tracks, and just drops lyrical fire on this one. S Dot throws in some way out there bars along the way, and doesn’t stick to the rules of most Trap music, this is a banger and S Dot adds his own wide boy, cockney style to it.


Samuel – “Samuel” is another Trap-influenced beat, and sees S Dot lets you know who he is if you don’t know him already, he reps The Regime if you don’t know. He drops hard punchlines, and as I listened to this track, I thought this was a dark track with the lyricism. S Dot’s lyricism does this track justice, I don’t always feel Trap beats but executed with great lyrical content, I can eff with this one.



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• SHOWING POTENTIAL – S Dot Samuel is showing pontential and is one of the best Hip Hop lyricists I have heard in a while, he is original with his lyrics and flow, has character in his voice and his tracks put you in his situation which is remarkable. With a little bit more time he could become a star of the UK Hip Hop scene.




“Essex Boy”

“Old Habits”

“Said That I Wouldn’t”







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