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West London producer Nu Breed teams up with London rapper Sakez for a collaborative mixtape titled ‘Forsaken’. The project features 14 original songs with Nu Breed handling the production on 12 tracks & contributions production wise from Ellis King (SBTV) & North West London producer Litez. The project aims to showcase some of London’s rising underground talent as well as introducing Nu Breed’s production.

The mixtape has a running theme through-out, in which the project was inspired by the sense of abandonment by the “system”, in which Sakez tells the story of a young male in London City trying to break away from the ‘system’ that he is trapped in’.

The opening track “I’mmortal” which is produced by the primary producer Nu Breed features Sakez spitting about the will to be immortal when he dies, and through his music he will be alive. The studio quality production by Nu Breed creates an epic cinematic vibe, and is slightly melodic putting you in to a dream-state as you listen to the vocalist flow effortlessly over the Hip Hop beat rhyming about his demise, and even though he himself is mortal, he will be remembered through his music.

The title track features Rebel and Tammi Clare, the latter of whom sings on the chorus with a beautiful, trippy and rather hazy voice, as achieved through the effect added. Rebel starts off with his story of feeling forsaken, going down the wrong path in his life, and witnessing the situations including his closest peers ending up in a cell, and even though he is trapped, he himself can escape the trap of the system that he has been placed in. Sakez speaks on the government which misleads the country, and he takes a srep back to reflect on ignorance in some people who don’t understand him. Both rappers with a hunger in their delivery, spitting with conviction and on point with the flow as Nu Breed commands the feeling and story of the track with his production which furthers the emotion provoked in listening to the song.

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Sakez and Nu Breed’s first single from the mixtape, “Changes” showcases Sakez rhyming skill but his song writing skills, as bases the chorus around the theme of the track, where he rhymes about changes you may go through in your lifetime, some things stay the same as far as chasing his dream and the riches, but is out for himself as most of the people just want a favour done for them. The song is all about trust, changes which lead to his feeling of being forsaken and showing no love because that will get you no where. Once again, Nu Breed on the epic production as he adds an oriental theme to the Hip Hop instrumental.

Another producer who features on the production for this mixtape is Ellis King who produces “Real Rap”, a piece of Hip Hop production which is a step away from some of Nu Breed’s production, a more up-tempo Hip Hop beat which Sakez handles with precision in his flow and delivery as he shows you what real Rap is, stating the facts of life, talking about friends also stuck in the system created by the government. Sakez’ lyricism is great as ever here.

Nu Breed’s original, slick production which is very cinematic and melodic combined with Sakez lyricism makes this mixtape a little more than that in my eyes, as “Forsaken” could well be an album with the quality music that has been created here. Nu Breed doesn’t totally take the limelight on the project handing over production credits to the likes of Ellis King, collaborating with Elament on “Don’t Let It Rain” and Litez produces the outro, adding a bit of variety to the overall sound. Features that are included on vocals are Rebel, Tammi Clare, Elament, Biz, Kaz, Regan, Diego and Smartz. The assortment of features brings a different vibe to each track, some singing and different styles of Rap.

Download this mixtape for free at the links below, check out Nu Breed and Sakez on the social networks and let us know what you think of “Forsaken” . . .


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• SUPER DUPER STAR – Sakez shows lots of potential on the project, combining well with Nu Breed’s excellent production, and with the theme of abandonment and and Sakez feeling forsaken, he backs this theory in his lyrics, spitting real rap, carrying a message in each song, and with a superb flow and original flow, there is not plenty like him, and the same goes for Nu Breed who showcases his fresh, original production work.


I’mmortal” (Produced By Nu Breed)

Forsaken” Featuring Rebel & Tammi Clare (Produced By Nu Breed)

Change The World” (Produced Bu Nu Breed) Change The World is another track that I particularly like, the Nu Breed production showcases his versatility, going back to his Grime roots, with a more up-tempo Grime beat which brings out some of the best flow in Sakez, as he switches up the flow and spits fast-paced lyrics. Fiiiiiirrrrre!!!

Changes” (Produced Bu Nu Breed)

Real Rap” (Produced By Ellis King)

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