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The Best Of Zigg Zagg” is an immense, epic release by Underground West Coast MC Zigg Zagg, whom having had a long-standing association with Brotha Lynch Hung’s Made Sicc label has recently joined forces with Hater Proof Ent. Zigg Zagg’s style lends itself from the likes of Brotha Lynch Hung and the Underground Horrorcore style as well as from many West Coast legends, creating her own unique style. This Best Of album is a great introduction to Zigg Zagg, especially for those who are not so familiar with her, and features two albums with 13 tracks a piece and featuring a whole host of guest appearances.

Zigg Zagg’s style is not like many West Coast artists, opting to spit the siccness as I would say. Her lyrical content consists of talk about murder and assassination, although she puts her lyrics in to stories, either that or just expressing her thoughts and feelings, and what it drives her to do. The first track is in this vain, “Aggrivat’d” features Scottie Dagger and Tanqueroy Loc, and both rappers rhyme about situations that make them want to either murder or assassinate someone especially in Zigg Zagg’s case, and whilst she also talks about the music industry being shady, Scottie spits about cases, law bugging him, single fatherhood and having a baby mama on drugs, and feeling cold hearted and having suicidal thoughts. Tanqueroy also lends a soulful singing voice to this hook, whilst Zigg Zagg and Scottie Dagger flow incredulously on the G-Funk type West Coast beat.

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Many other tracks to deal with gruesome content include “Night Stalker”, a banging Hip Hop track featuring a full line-up of Scottie Dagger, Stretch, Young Smoke & Big Smok. Zigg Zagg goes in hard as do Stretch, spitting rapid flames, Young Smoke also switches up the flow and Big Smok, who both sound like they could be members of the Outlawz. All MC’s drop deadly lyrics, showcasing an eye for the kill.

No Body No Caze” is a story of creating a body then making it disappear as easy as, a friendly warning not to eff with Zigg Zagg, or she will be creeping up and leaving the person in question six feet deep. The production is superb, a haunting beat nevertheless. Another track I particularly like is “Suicidal”, although it seems like a taboo subject to her not wanting to talk about it, the song deals with accusations flying around, feeling alone, and picking up a gun and taking your own life. Brotha Lynch Hung features on this track which sees both flowing terrifically over a piano-led instrumental.

On the brighter side, there are a few more positive tracks in Zigg Zagg’s back catalogue, “Now Or Never” is a song which boasts of lyrics that motivate you to get what’s yours, not get down and wait patiently for the things you want. After a life of gangs and violence, Zigg Zagg triumphs and rises above it to shine. “Fly By Night” is a hood love song, where Zigg Zagg writes about the man of her dreams, and how he makes her feel classy. “Eyes On Me” is a club banger, with a hard-hitting beat, Zigg Zagg raps about night life, a Rap Design that shows out with all eyes on them, living a celebrity’s life, sipping champagne, spending cash and getting in the VIP.

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Disc 2 features many more artists, some big collaborations for Zigg Zagg including Brotha Lynch Hung, MC Eiht, Spice 1, Twisted Insane and C.O.S. Some of the strongest songs on here are with the likes of Brotha Lynch Hung and Twisted Insane though, The Argument which includes three parts is a twisted story of husband and wife in a heated argument, Brotha Lynch Hung and Zigg Zagg going through relationship trouble, having affairs, and replying to each other with their own side of the story, both having homicidal thoughts though, culminating in a showdown in which may lose their life. Reminds me of Mr & Mrs Smith but Hip Hop style! This showcases Zigg Zagg’s excellent song-writing skills and song craft as well. “Venom” is a sicc collaboration between Zigg Zagg and Twisted Insane, Twisted spitting with chopper flows, dropping potent lines, whilst Zigg Zagg reminds us all why she is one of the hardest female rappers on the West Coast.

This is a great album, managing to compile some of the best work by Zigg Zagg, and with banging production, West Coast style, there is the straight up gangsta music, horrorcore content in the lyricism, some electrifying story telling by Zigg Zagg who along with superb features has had enough support to put together a stellar album. For me, this is an introduction to Zigg Zagg, and being a fan of such West Coast music, Horrorcore and Underground Rap, I have to admit that she is one of the strongest spitters, with wicked lyricism, an array of flows, and she is versatile and I look forward to many future releases from her and Haterproof.

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• SHOWING POTENTIAL – Zigg Zagg is a star in the making, and with her signing to Haterproof Ent, she can maybe be introduced to the wider audience of Hip Hop fans in the UK as well as pushing her brand in the US, because she has originality, has great concepts behind her music, as well as an ear for the best production, being able to write intriguing lyrics, and able to flow effortlessly.





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