RoxXxvn – Interview

Introduce yourself and describe your sound and style?

Wargwarn :) Im RoxXxvn. My sound is very raw and very honest. My style is very authentic Im about bars and flows. My swag style is bright fashion ahahah.

When did you start making music and when did you begin to take it seriously? Did you have any encouragement from those around you?

I started writing bars when Ms Dyanmite came out. All the boys where I grew up started writing bars when Dizzee came out, but for me personally it was when I heard a woman (Ms D) barring and holding her own with the men. I started recording properly at 13 through my youth centre for a few weeks. they let me and my friend from my area record for free to get us off the street we made a little mixtape and that was it. Then I started recording properly at 15 with my friends brother from school Decifer. We still record and make music today he produced my next song feat Terri Walker WHATS REAL DOE

What are your earliest musical memories?

2pac dying. I was young at the time didnt really understand death but I felt it. Plus me and 2pac both share the same birthday 16th June so from young I used to pretend we were connected lol.

Who are your main influences in music?

2pac, Bob Marley, Lauryn Hill, Ms Dynamite, Nipsey Hustle and Wiz khalifa.

What artists/producers have you worked with in the past? Who would you like to work with next?

My G Mikey J and Im still working with him. Bless Beats, Screama ad Decifer and Id really like to work with Distortion and Swifta beats.. Distortion has that bounce in every beat that I cant help but move to and Swiftas grime beats have that grit that I love and his a fellow brummie :)

How would you say you and/or your music stand out from other artists in the Grime and Urban Music scene?

I think my voice is deeper than a lot of females and my music is very me I dont talk about things I dont have or try to be better than anyone. Im an open book I own my rights and my wrongs.


What inspires you in writing your lyrics?

Life, I know that sounds cheesy but its true. when Im in situations I find it very hard to articulate myself and explain how Im feeling properly. So I write about it instead and open all my emotions with out getting heated or upset. So I do this most of the time. Sometimes I just hear a sick bar and get inspired by the mc.

If you could recommend any three tracks from you catalogue of music, what would they be and why?

Real Talkbecause its exactly how I was feeling at the time when I wrote it. I remember being at Mikey Js had a few of my friends there smoking drinking loads of vibes but inside I was really sad and missing my people. I turned off the light in the booth and all the lyrics came out. I dont think anyone noticed or was evan listenin, then Mikey sang the hook I wrote beautifully :) apart from that I would say forget the past and look out for my knew tracks BELIEVE IN MEand SISTAR HOODIm really proud of them. they represent me now.

You have just recently dropped the video for Back To Live. Describe the concept behind it and how does it differ from previous releases?

Back To Live is me just letting everyone know why I went and what I had to do and showing how dark life can get but STILL I RISEand now its more then the gas and hype Im back for the family house the kidswhich represent me wanting a better life for myself not materialistic things that dont matter. Its very dark compared to my other music but its supposed to be the beats very basic its doesnt change I really just want people to listen to my story. A Message for people in hostels or outside of London or evan just in dark places dont give up keep going.

Have you performed live to a crowd yet, if so tell us about your experiences?

Of course I have Ive performed all over the world. An hour before stage time Im always super nervous but I have to be careful I dont drink or smoke too much for comfort hasnt happened yet but I get scared ill forget my lyrics. I love performing the best part of being an artist for me. When u hit the stage its like you black out then as you leave you wake up. I cant remember things I know if it was good by peoples reactions lol !! I get that much adrenaline pumping through me, I once got so excited I done a back flip off stage which was amazing until the day after when I woke up like the woman in death becomes her hahah! ps that was my first back flip **covers face**


What have been some of the best moments of your music journey so far?

My best part is seeing my moms face light up when I look good and perform well. Shes my HERO! its taken a long time for her to accept Im a rapper she doesnt get it but she respect my strength and that Im still standing. She wanted me to go home and not be in hostels with druugies but I didnt I stayed!!

Have you any plans for the near future, in terms of music, collaborations or tour/events etc.?

I plan to do it all! I even want my own chewing gum one day ! but for now making music is my only focus! tours and shows are a definite but again they come from the music!!

What do you hope to achieve in the remainder of this year, next year and beyond?

I hope to achieve my place and be respected and recognised for my music. And BACK PACK GANG clothing to be doing well selling out and in demand :)

Where can we find you on the web?






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