Ruger – Rugers Way

Ruger - Rugers Way

Once Upon A Grime took to their soundcloud last week to release a new six track mixtape, presented by OGz, ‘Rugers Way’ by Ruger. Featuring six tracks, exclusively for download via OUAG, the release features production from the likes of Swifta Beater and Sir Spyro, and features from the Ogz, including P Money, Blacks and Little Dee. Ruger is one of the more hard-edged lyricists from the OGz camp, from South London, bringing roadside bars. The opening track, ‘More Time’ features Ruger dropping a slew of headshot bars towards his enemies and rivals, calling out fakes and pussy boys, whilst the excellently wrote hook which firmly states that his team runs Grime. The remix also features OGz,with the likes of Little Dee spraying cheeky bars, Jendor spitting rapid lyrics, and then you have P Money spraying metaphorical madness, and Blacks was impressive with his humorous delivery and adlibbing. This track added more energy than the original. Likewise, another headshot par for his rivals is ‘Headtop Turners’ featuring Blacks, on which Ruger and Blacks bring out the HTT, both spraying murderous, deadly bars, full of lyrical artillery on which they riddle competition with hard-edged bars.

One of my favourite tracks on this release is ‘Guns & Roses’ featuring OGz, with Sir Spyro on the bass-rich, Trap come Grime production, featuring a great hook by P Money, which is laden with punchlines and wordplay, getting in Ruff Sqwad, Guns & Roses, in an attempt to express the rough ends that they are from. Each MC spits about the ends, from fakes and snitches, to guys moving mad, making the hood a hot and dangerous place, gritty place to live. Little Dee’s verse is captivating, as his delivery is impressive, and he throws in a few metaphors, rhyming about the lost soldiers, as his long affiliation with the South which has got him respect. Ruger follows them up with rough, hard-edged bars, going back to back with P Money who delivers a rapid quick 8 bar, stating that all ends are really the same, with everyone labeling themselves or their squad just to find an identity, delivng deeper in to a life of crime. This track is actually quite deep and thought-provoking. Ruger alos goes ham over a Grime/Trap instrumental, rhyming about his swagger, his way with the ladies, as well as parring rival mc’s, and serving up more slews. Ruger actually draws you in with this freestyle, following each line up with more quite impressive bars, some containing punchlines. The last track is ‘Pussy Boy’, and features a Dancehall style chorus, with Ruger once again in war mode, but raining down a slew of punchlines, in order to illustrate his deadly mind frame, riding out on enemies.

Grab your free download of Ruger’s ‘Rugers Way’ below, or alternatively from sendspace with the link below, and leave us your feedback in the comments section below . . .

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