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Tell us a bit about your upcoming single “Fire”? How did you come to work with Snoop Dogg?

Originally FIRE was a solo urban/dance mix about enjoying life and keeping it “lit up”. It was written by Mike Gonsolin and Nick Nittoli at Trend Def Studios who have worked with Snoop previously and they felt that a collaboration would be perfect for this song. They sent my recording of the song to Snoop Dogg who really liked it, so he wrote his own verse/lyrics to be mixed into the song to give it an edgier sound.

What was the recording process like, working with Snoop?

Absolutely Amazing!!. To get the chance to work with a legend such as him was incredible. He gave me lots of support and advice about the music business and my career.

Looks like a fun video for “Fire”, how was the filming experience on the video shoot?

Awesome. I got to be on set for 12 hours with my girlfriends who were in the video with me and the production crew lead by Bruce Guido had everything planned out and kept things moving. I can’t wait to start filming my next video, it is so much fun.

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You moved to Los Angeles, California from Bournemoth, UK at 10. At what stage did you decide to pursue music?

Actually my mother is from Bournemouth but I was born in Virginia Beach, Virginia USA, so I have dual citizenship. When I was young we spent time in both England and America. I have always loved singing and writing songs so I guess it has always been something I wanted to do and I am lucky to have this great opportunity.

Who were your main influences in music or otherwise?

Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, Blink-182, The 185 and All Time Low are just a few of the musicians/bands I love and have influenced me. Also Snoop and Pharrell have influenced my love of rap music and are people I look at as established singers, writers, producers and icons in the music industry.

What are your top 3 tunes at the moment?

“I Miss You” by Blink-183, “Somewhere in Neverland” by All Time Low, and “Check Yes Juliet” by We The Kings.

Snoop Dogg is a massive collaboration, but are there any artists you plan to or would like collaborate with?

No plans as yet, but I would love to work with Ariana Grande or Demi Lovato, they are awesome and I love their music.

What do you look forward to the most about making/performing music?

It’s hard to pick just one thing as the whole process is fun and exciting, from being in the studio working on a new song to hearing the finished product, the anticipation and hope that people will like it and just getting the opportunity to tour and visit new places, meet new people and thank all the people that came out to support me.

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Share with us your best moments of your musical journey so far? Any live performances?

The best moment so far is getting to work with Snoop, and I want to say a huge thank you to my music producer, Mike Gonsolin of Trend Def for making it happen. No live performances scheduled yet, but I have four more originals recorded and a few more in the works, so watch this space!

So have you got goals and ambitions outside of music?

I love working with animals and will hopefully go to college to study marine biology.

What music can we look forward to from you in the near future, an album maybe?

I have 3 more songs already recorded which are being mixed, so an EP fairly soon. In between promoting FIRE and school work, I am also in the studio working on a few more songs.

What do you hope/plan to achieve in the next year?

I hope that people love listening to my music as much as I love making it, and a number one hit would be amazing. I would love to go on tour to promote Fire (which is officially released on ITunes on January 29) and my other tracks. Beyond music, I hope to pass my driving test in March.

Let us know where we can catch you, either live or online?

I don’t have any shows planned right now but hopefully early next year we can start to work on a few dates, but my songs can be heard on YouTube and I would love people to follow me on instagram and twitter @SkylersMusic to find out what I am doing next.

We wish you success with your forthcoming single “Fire”, and we hope to see and hear more from you soon . . .

Fire, Skyler’s debut single featuring Snoop Dogg, will be released January 29th 2016.

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